Jeff Bezos Morning Routine - why wake up at 5 am

Ever wondered why wake up at 5 am? Read on to see exactly what will happen if you start your day this early.

If you’re not that productive, don’t have enough time to work on your personal projects and see no progress, here’s the solution: start getting up at 5 am and wonderful things will begin happening in your life.

Getting up insanely early is the first habit of highly successful people all popular sites write about. Obviously it’s what CEOs and everyone that achieves a lot do.

What Happens If You Wake Up at 5 AM

Here’s what will change once you start waking up at 5 am:

1. You’ll have more hours for productive work.

One of the reasons the high achievers I mentioned get results in such a short time is because they get up much earlier than others.

And even if you have a job you’re trying to quit and move forward in life, you can still create 2 more hours just to focus on the things you’re working on that will eventually help you get there.

2. It’s the ultimate willpower exercise.

No one actually wants to get out of bed that early. It’s just not in our nature, plus we’re used to doing what feels good and avoid any discomfort.

But to wake up at 5 am and immediately start your day and do what you know you should be doing, is one of the greatest habits you can build.

3. You can make the most of the morning.

We’ve all heard about the miracle morning, the peace that can be felt in the early hours of the day when most people haven’t even started it, and the inspiration that can be found then.

But have you really experienced it?

You haven’t, if you never leave bed before 7 am. Because the real magic is before dawn.

It’s when you have everything just for yourself, the silence, the nature waking up together with you, the creative flow, the peace.

It’s a blessing you can appreciate only if you give it a try.

4. You’ll start going to bed early.

I think it’s worth being sleep deprived for a few days and still wake up at 5 am just to develop the habit.

Soon you’ll be so exhausted in the evening that you’ll go to bed quite early too. And you’ll finally have a fixed sleep schedule which is exactly how purpose-driven and productive people are living.

5. You can find laser-sharp focus.

The absolute focus requires no people around, no notifications, no noise, no others tasks that you should be doing at the same time, no need to hurry. And the only time you can find that is the early morning.

It’s worth leaving bed at 5 am, as you can start a business from scratch and start making money and quit your job just because of the 2 hours of focused work you’ll be dedicating every single day.

That’s 700 per year. Just enough to offer value and deserve to get paid for your hard work and persistence, without other people in your life even noticing.

6. It’s your me time.

Only then can you do whatever you want to do without being judged, without others even knowing about it.

Be it writing a book, working out, meditating, reading, learning a foreign language, or doing other creative and pleasant work.

It’s the only part of the day that offers you so much peace, silence, solitude and inspiration. So make the best of it.

Give waking up at 5 am a try. In the first month it will be hard. But in the long-term, the changes you’ll experience are unbelievable.

What time do you wake up? Do you think you can wake up at 5 am? And what will you do with an hour or two extra?