How to Recession-Proof Your Business

Boosting online sales is the paramount desire of every online merchant. Seeing the shopping cart buttons on their e-commerce platforms constantly blink brings exhilarating smiles on their faces.

If you’re a merchant and want to increase your selling power, then these strategies can help.

Make a Creative Sales Copy.

A lot of retailers underestimate the importance and potency of writing a unique and compelling sales copy.

In a field where multiple retail companies sell a wide range of similar products, an aptly written sales copy can be the difference maker in directing commercial traffic to an online store.

For instance, if three online retail stores sell a similar brand of deodorant, only the store with an appealing sales copy stands a chance of turning internet users into paying customers.

Your sales copy is your chance to stand out and show your user why they should shop with you and not the competition. Don’t be afraid to extol the virtues of your product or think of a creative way to get your point across.

Include a Money-Back Guarantee.

There is probably no greater motivator of an apprehensive customer than a money-back guarantee condition for every purchase.

Many times, prospective buyers refuse to purchase a product just because they are unsure of its efficacy. The only way to effectively rectify this predicament…short of writing a Shakespearian sales copy…is to include a money-back guarantee.

This instantly removes any doubt the buyer may have on the product, and is sure to direct vast numbers to the online store.

One caveat to offering this kind of guarantee is to ensure that you have terms on your site to protect yourself. Think about the scenarios that you would accept and deny a money back offer, then write these explicitly on the site.

Several Convenient Payment Options.

It is really sad when an online retail store has tried and succeeded in convincing an internet user to purchase a product, only not to have the user’s preferred payment method available.

It has been proven time and time again that online consumers would rather visit an e-commerce site with many payment options than battle to commit to an online store with only one or two.

For a real life example, let’s take a look at the casino industry. The somewhat apprehensive user would much rather use PayPal to make their deposit than their card details directly.

Those that offer different payment methods in gaming sites are generally much more popular with new and existing players as it’s both convenient and safe.

Remember that there’s a trust issue for your new customers, so reassure them any way that you can.

Social Media Strategy.

There are countless number of times when internet users log into their social media accounts to converse with their online acquaintances only to make purchases moments later.

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become the core focus of many marketing strategies, yielding very positive outcomes after implementation. If you’re new to running your business online, then you can always check out how your competitors interact with their customers online.

Remember that sales are the driving force behind your company and any way that you can encourage them is a good idea. Take this expert advice and you might just notice a serious increase in your company’s earning power.

About The Author

This article was written by Abigail White.