10 Ways Pinterest Can Do Wonders For Your Business

If you want to promote your business or increase your brand awareness, social media is your best bet – everyone knows this. This is where your audience is, in a relaxed and unobtrusive environment looking for fun and entertainment.

You probably have all your basic social media profiles – a page on Facebook, an account on Twitter and possibly one on Instagram as well.

But, have you ever considered working with the queen of visual social media? That is – with Pinterest.

An amazing social media platform that is also referred to as search engine by some, it offers everything you might need. It has a minimalistic design which helps users focus on the content, it’s very simple to set up and operate and it delivers personalized content.

Shareaholic revealed that Pinterest`s traffic driving capacity has grown from 4.79% to 7.10% in four months between 2013 and 2014 – it has only been growing since.

Pinterest is a largely visual social media platform where images represent either articles or products users can pin and organize into pinboards. It has an excellent business program where you can see your stats from the number of saves and impressions for your account to specific pins.

For anyone looking to increase their traffic and raise brand awareness in a fun and simple way, Pinterest is the right way to go.

If you need more reasons why to use Pinterest in your business marketing strategies, here are some ways in which Pinterest can help your business:

1. It’s a large platform

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Here are some stats for you, to help you get a better understanding of how big Pinterest really is:

  • It has more than 150 million active users
  • 67% of pinners are under the age of 40 (27% jump from the last year)
  • 54% of women aged 35-55 are active on Pinterest
  • 35% of those women have a household income of over $100k
  • Male monthly users have grown 120% in the previous year

This information perfectly shows just how powerful Pinterest can be in promoting your products or your website in a subtle yet effective way.

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2. You can use buyable pins

With the recent addition of buyable pins, Pinterest became even better for businesses around the world. Retailers were given an opportunity to use the platform to generate direct sales.

It works in a similar way any other pin would. Except instead of the usual `visit site` or `read more` the big red button says `buy it` if you enable this option.

It’s free and simple, currently only available to Shopify and Demandware users but will be available on more platforms soon.

3. It drives a lot of traffic

Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.

You don’t even need to have an account set up and it can still drive traffic if you enable a pin button on your website. Granted, there will be less traffic than there would be if you actually had an account but this is still a great feature.

Once you set up your account – optimize your name, description and boards for findability on Pinterest, it’s time to start pinning.

There are many legends on how many times you have to pin a day in order to stay relevant but most people agree that five times is enough. However, any more is just fine as well.

Now, you don’t have to pin your own content – but you could if you wanted to – you can pin other people’s content.

By sharing these pins, you grow an audience, a following. Just pin whatever you like on your home page and place it into different boards.

4. Pinners are open to marketing

More than users of any other platform, Pinterest users want to connect with brands and businesses through this platform.

When asked if they would rather follow an influencer or a celebrity on their Pinterest or a brand, 83% of them said that they would rather follow the latter.

Two thirds of the content saved on Pinterest comes from businesses. This is far more than any other social media platform.

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5. You don’t have to be actively present

While you do have to be somewhat consistent in pinning on the platform, in reality you could, as mentioned, drive a decent amount of traffic to your products and site without an account.

That being said, just by pinning every day you can increase your traffic in a major way without doing much else.

Rarely ever does engaging on Pinterest involve messages from customers or commenting – it’s quite simple and allows for a lot of free time on your part.

6. Pins can go viral

Since pins are so easy to pin and share with the world, your post could spread like a wildfire.

An average number of repins for each pin is 4.2. If this number seems small to you, just think about it – every time someone pins one of your posts, they reach 4 more people on average. So if a thousand people pins your post, you could reach 4000 people.

To achieve even more, focus on pinning not just your products but useful posts as well. Put them in separate pinning boards like DIY or tutorials.

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7. Pins have a longer life span

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An average pin has a lifespan of three and a half months but in reality it could last forever if people keep sharing it as they often do.

In comparison, an average Twitter post lives for 24 minutes and an average Facebook post lives for 90 minutes at best.

Your content could be in front of users for much longer on Pinterest.

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8. Pinterest entices purchase

Pinners are an engaged and loyal audience, most of them enjoying being brand advocates.

Majority of pinners use this platform to decide what to buy – 87% of pinners have purchased a product solely because of Pinterest and 93% of pinners used the platform to plan a future purchase.

9. You can stay on top of trends

With an amazing feature like Pinterest search, you can easily see which keywords are trending. Even without it, if you follow the right categories, you can see the most recent trends on your home page.

When you use promoted pins you can see which products are in style and which are losing traction on the market.

10. Pinners have a lot of purchasing power

Active pinners have an average income 9% higher than non-users.

Active users also claim that they use less catalogues, magazines and television as well so you can invest your time in Pinterest rather than investing in traditional advertising.

Want to increase your traffic and drive sales? Join Pinterest as soon as possible. This platform, as easy it is to figure out, can help improve your brand awareness and give you some loyal followers.

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Want to increase your traffic and drive sales? Join Pinterest as soon as possible. This platform, as easy it is to figure out, can help improve your brand awareness and give you some loyal followers.  #pinterestforbusiness #bloggers #pinners #bloggingtips