Why It’s Better to Hire a Freelance Writer for Your Small Business Instead of an Agency 109

Why It’s Better to Hire a Freelance Writer for Your Small Business Instead of an Agency

If you’re a small company, just starting out, a one-man business or an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ll need professional freelance writing services.

That’s because content marketing is key in the digital world. You should use words on your platform effectively to build trust, grow your traffic, grab attention and make sales. However, it’s much better to look for a freelance writer instead of an agency.

We, freelance writers, are independent workers who do what they love for a living. Be sure that whenever you work with one, you can get to know the person, see if he or she is the right fit, hire them directly, monitor their work, and request changes in the end.

When you outsource content creation, you need to make sure you can trust the person on the other side of the screen. While agencies are big, busy and expensive, freelance writers and bloggers can pay attention to your project and discuss everything in advance.

So, let’s see the exact benefits of hiring a freelance writer for your small business as opposed to an agency.

The Pros of Hiring Freelancer Writers vs. an Agency

1. You get the freelancer’s full attention.

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If you’re going to outsource an aspect of your business to a professional, you need to make sure it’s the right person for the job. With an agency, you don’t really know who’s writing the content. With a writer you hire independently, you have the chance to get to know them first.

You’ll never have to be transferred from one department to the other as might be the case with an organization offering freelance writing services.

When setting the right expectations in the beginning, you’ll know they aren’t in a hurry to finish their workday or to reply to other clients at the same time. Independent content writers care about their work, time and who they collaborate with. So you’ll get their full attention even before you discuss payments.

2. It’s cheaper.

Most new entrepreneurs, small businesses, lifestyle bloggers or stay at home mums are on a budget.

You might be working on many things at once and don’t want to put all the eggs in one basket. Or maybe you’re just giving your website or this project a try to see how it goes. You might enter a different market or change direction soon. So you can’t really hire an agency to do all the ghostwriting for you.

What you need is ambitious and determined freelancers. It could be for a one-time project or you might use their freelance writing services regularly.

Their rates are negotiable because the scope of the project depends on many things.

I, for instance, might charge a bit less if I know the client will keep coming back, if they give me credit for my work, if there’s less or no research necessary before writing articles or books for them.

Also, if they are really, really nice people, treat me with respect and seem like they understand the importance of web content, I’ll gladly offer them one of my lower prices (which I only have with old clients now).

3. You get to connect with the person.

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Unless you grow to a company with 30 or more employees, you should care about everyone on your team and get to know them from day 1. When you do, you can be sure they will deliver great work and help reach the company vision.

By connecting, I mean this:

– Check out their website (every professional freelance writer should have one!);

– Read their About page (that will help you understand where they come from, how they got into the freelance business, and what their personality is. In my About page, for instance, I share my whole story, life values, and more. It’s all connected as they are the reason I’m able to make a living doing what I love);

– See their past projects (Every independent web content writer who’s serious about their work, should have a Portfolio page on their website. I recently updated mine.);

Doing that kind of a research doesn’t need to take long. Just go through these important pages to get a feeling of the person you’re about to get on your team. It will also help you find common ground and initiate a conversation, thus making them feel comfortable from the first chat.

That can’t really happen with the employees writing on behalf of a freelance writing agency.

4. Freelancers are flexible.

Independent workers are freelancing from the comfort of their homes. That means they have the freedom to set their own working hours and never work under pressure.

This is beneficial to you in a few ways.

For a start, you can contact the freelance writer you hire any time you want. Usually, they respect their clients so much, that they are available most of the time. They will return your call, text you back or reply to your email whenever they are behind the screen (which is quite often as they work hard).

Then, you can adjust your contract whenever you feel like, as long as you discuss it in advance.

For instance, when clients ask me when I can get an article done, I first check whether it’s urgent or not. If it is, I prioritize and add it to my to-do list for the next day. The flexibility of a freelance writer who’s in control of their focus and day allows for such freedom.

If you’re interested in working with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the form below.

With an agency, you’ll know the employees are busy serving other clients now and can’t really deliver you a ton of content at once in a few days, for example. Also, they charge a lot for any extra work.

5. If you treat them well, they will deliver great and consistent work.

Here’s the thing about freelancers and creatives: show them respect, treat them well, value their time and work, and you’ll receive the best service ever.

They will make sure they deliver great articles, reports or books for your website and audience. Will start getting creative and contribute with ideas for future topics to cover on your blog. Might offer to add images and get each piece of content in your WordPress dashboard ready for publishing and make it live, all for free.

They usually enjoy that anyways, I know I do. So I sometimes offer such bonuses to clients I like working with.

6. You can make them part of your team.

When working with an agency more than one time, you’ll probably receive content produced by different ghostwriters every time. Which means the overall flow won’t be there and you need it for brand consistency.

One of the best things about working with a freelance writer is that you build trust after one project and can then continue working on other things. You can hire them full-time if you want to and delegate different projects to them.

Over time, you can train them to understand your product so good or write using your own brand voice, that they will become irreplaceable.

So, these are the reasons why it’s better to hire a freelance writer for your business instead of an agency.

Today I share the reasons why it’s better to hire a freelance writer for your business instead of an agency.

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How to Solve The Biggest Problems with Education 8

How to Solve The Biggest Problems with Education

Education involves gaining knowledge that helps us to have a better understanding and interpretation of the things that happen around us. It is not just limited to reading or doing writings such as term paper writing. It also gives us a good perception of life, as we know it by building viewpoints and opinions.

Whatever knowledge we gain in schools does not just help us to become successful, it also determines our character, how we work with each other and who we become later on in life. Through education, we can solve some of the most significant problems in the world including financial, agricultural, technological, medical and so on.

In other words, education is a critical ingredient in the making of future creative thinkers and innovators.

However, there is a more significant problem regarding the way in which education is passed onto the relevant subjects who are pupils or students in this case. There exists a substantial difference between the way current students are being taught and the actual potential of modern education. There is a massive deficit in the exploration and incorporation of new innovative ideas in education. Similarly, it seems like the system that we have is either slow in adoption of the new ideas or it is somehow resistant to change.

They say change is inevitable and with world’s problems becoming dynamic then it is necessary for the education system to change as well.

It is somewhat sad that most educators are so hard lined that they still hold on to the old teaching methods that have proved to be ineffective over time. The best learning techniques are not just about making students scram education contents for the sake of exams but helping them understand what they are learning and becoming self-sufficient in their thinking or creativity.

For instance, students should not just know the format of college term paper writing, they should understand its significance and application in real life. While facing this challenging task, it is essential for students to know that they can use a helpful and safety term paper writing service.

Incorporating better innovative teaching techniques in the current education system can help students to become creative thinkers. Now, innovation is not just about technology but coming up with ideas that make life easier. Innovative learning skills will make students more passionate about learning and provide them the necessary tools to conquer the existing problems in the world today.  

Impact of Technology on Education

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Technology is slowly becoming part of the education system as time goes by and this is happening all over the world.

Recent studies indicate that technique is instrumental as a learning tool if used in the right way. Below is a breakdown of some of the benefits of using technology in education:

1. It helps students to learn and build skills in technology at an early age.

This, in turn, makes them to not only embrace but also leverage on the skills and tools that are provided by technology.

2. It lowers the long-term costs incurred by students and educational institutions

That’s because the need for printed material such as textbooks is reduced.

3. It makes the learning process fast and more efficient.

This is because lessons can be delivered and be shared anywhere whether at home or school. Term paper writing assignments and student’s homework can be read online. Students can also access educational programs and applications.

Technology makes the learning process engaging and entertaining, particularly for younger generations

4. Enhances coordination between parents, teachers and students.

Innovations in Learning

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In learning and education, change is not just linked to technology alone; it involves teaching methods, the student’s psychology as well as learning theories.

If better ideas are adopted in these areas, then innovation in education will be achieved. As I mentioned before, most education systems around the world are failing, and new means of passing information need to be developed.

Some of the most innovative teaching methods are enlisted below:

Soft skills and practical education.

Apparently, the most significant weakness of the current education system is that it is impractical. It does not impart the right skills to prepare a student to face the real world. In a real sense, students need to be taught how to be self-reliant and independent in addition to learning leadership skills

Use of robots.

Robots are machines and can be available at all times in addition to the fact that they are not affected by mood swings, unlike their human counterparts. They have been found to be effective teachers since they are more exciting and entertaining

Focusing on individual needs students.

There are easier ways of teaching students with special needs by use of technology. Dyslexic students, for instance, could use phonetic spelling software, which converts words into their right spelling

3D learning

These innovative learning skills utilize what students are passionate about as a medium of passing information and educating them. It is apparent that young minds love 3D games. Now imagine if 3D labs, which provide interactive multimedia presentations, are used to teach them. Won’t this be wonderful?

Mobile technology

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Perhaps this is the most used innovation by far. Smartphones are easier to use and a cheaper option compared to other changes. They can be used for presentation skills, verbal skills and conducting digital polls using mobile apps

Focusing on the needs of individual students

Most existing education methods concentrate on classes rather than the unique potential of every student. Everyone has his or her style of learning which could be verbal, auditory or visual. Therefore, lesson plans should be individualized with different learning styles for different students

More emphasis on STEM

Educators should focus more on the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Students should be empowered with the necessary skills in this fields. This makes them more creative and free thinker in the end

The world today has problems that need solutions from us through education. The current education systems are not effective in imparting the right skills to make students more productive in future. It is necessary to come up with innovative learning methods to tackle this stalemate.