Creating intriguing and engaging content is the key to successful SEO and content marketing strategy.

You need to be good at it if you want to get the attention of your audience. Otherwise, your content will end up being any other content on the internet.

So, how do you ensure you create content that will make your audience want to get more of your writing? Below are tips that can help you to craft a great article and get your readers to love your writing.

Make Your Audience Part of the Writing

Don’t make an article to be all about yourself. You should consider the interest of your readers and make them feel like they are part of your writing.

Using a conversational tone is the best way to achieve this.

Your readers will relate your writing with their experiences. Make them try to fit in your shoes. This way, they will have a better understanding of your article. T

his will push them to want to learn more about the article since they understand it.

Choose Keywords Carefully

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Keywords are the elements that make search engines discover your article or content.

When choosing your keywords, you need to remember one thing. You are not writing content for search engines – you want your readers to get the message you are putting across.

You should, therefore, choose your keywords carefully while relating to what readers want. Analyze what your audience is searching for most and use the keywords they are using in your content. This way, you will gain ranking in search engines fast.

Have a Unique Angle Towards Trending Topics

Trending topics are what many people use to write content on. This means there are lots of articles on the internet focusing on the same topic. If you write an article for the sake of writing, chances are nobody will even notice it.

Give your article spices that will pull the audience and leave the others. To achieve, you should use a unique angle in your writing.

Let the readers feel there is a difference between your article and the others. This way, no matter how articles have been written around a certain topic, yours will always stand out.

Gain Experience from Past Mistakes

There is no saint in content creation. Even the world’s renowned writers cannot make writing without making mistakes. These mistakes are what have molded them to become the best among the best.

So, whenever you make a mistake, you need to understand it well.

Don’t feel annoyed or discouraged. Use them to gain experience and make you a better content creator who readers cannot resist his/her writing.

Diversify Editorial Planning

Editing is a must before posting any content online.

Small mistakes can make your audience lose interest in your writing. Such mistakes can make a paragraph lose meaning and if your readers come across, chances are they won’t continue reading your article.

This is because your article won’t have coherence hence they won’t understand it. You should, therefore, consider diversifying your editing plan to ensure all the mistakes are noted.

Let a friend go through your work or use software to enable you to to get a second opinion about your writing.

Diversify Content Source and Write Routinely

One is not born a good writer. You develop the skills to write quality work as you practice.

You should, therefore, show interest in everything piece of writing you come across. If you hear something interesting through a radio or a TV, note it down.

This will give you inspiration and increase your creativity.

Remember there are millions of articles online and for your article to grab the attention of the audience; it has to be providing something they can’t get from the other article. With creativity, you can achieve this.

Have a Unique Writing Style

There are rules that determine how almost every activity is done. If you want your article to stand out from the millions of the articles online, you may be required to break the rules for writing articles.

It’s not a must for your content to follow the style others have used. You can come up with your style as long as it will be impressive to your audience. This is particularly a good approach for business owners marketing what they are offering online.

Don’t use the same old style used by many people.

If you go that route, your audience will anticipate that you are about to direct them to your business website and might leave your blog immediately.

Potential customers should not feel like they are being pushed to buy a product or service. You should use your own style to lead them to purchase without forcing them.

Use the opinion of another person before using a style to gauge whether your audience will be impressed.


If you want to avoid only creating safe and boring content, you need to pay attention to originality. This is not only meant to intrigue your audience but also avoid hefty penalties imposed by search engines if you are found to have plagiarized content.

About The Author

Anita Petrie is a content manager and an e-learning consultant.