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Ah! So we are here discussing the topics which attract more readers and also keep them engaged with your blog.

Assuming you’ve already followed the steps to starting a blog, there are times when you are just lost and gazing onto your screen, just wondering what to write.

Sometimes the writer in us is just enthused to pour out creativity, but still isn’t sure of the topic.

The topic that we choose should be as per your passion, but still these are the topics which attract more traffic to your blog:

1. How to’s and tutorials.

We can all agree that one of the biggest driving forces on the Internet is this type of content.

Be it cooking some delicacies, starting a blog, making a craft, or even putting make up or making a drink. we’ve all used the Web for this.

It’s like mentoring your readers step by step to solve a problem that they have.

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2. Lists.

Another killer blog post idea that’s evergreen.

Bloggers may think that it has been overdone, but – trust me – it is highly effective in attracting more traffic.

Some examples are ’10 tips to a flatter stomach’, ‘101 cheap crafts to sell’, or ’10 tops to make your house a non-yelling zone’.

It could be any list, really, just follow your heart and pick a topic.

3. Resources or Link Lists.

It’s quite similar to the list post with the difference that, in resources post you use other people’s content.

It’s perfect to do resource list when you yourself are gathering information about a topic. So why not share it with others.

It is like using expert’s opinion over a topic, such as ’10 best investment schemes from the experts’, or ‘How to save money this season – roundup‘.

4. Checklists and To-do’s.

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Another idea for blog posts is providing readers with a direction to do things.

The reason why it works is simple. They have a question, you give them the answer.

It helps them to do a task more effectively without skipping an important step.

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5. Reviews.

This type of blog posts is gaining popularity. In fact, people are starting a business as a result of them.

They could be of two kinds.

First, there’s a straight analysis of the product. Or it could be a comparative review.

The best part is that reviewing some types of products – like food in hotels – could attract free samples or paid dinners for you.

As consumers, we always look up for reviews and then accordingly plan our course of action. So these blog posts aren’t going to be dead any time soon.

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6. Controversial blog posts.

These are interactive blogs. Take a controversial topic, put your views on it, and wait for the replies from the audience.

It could be related to government policy or consuming non-vegetarian food. But if you cannot handle harsh words or negative comments, this type of blogging is not meant for you.

7. Infographics.

These are easy to find and interesting to look at.

An infographic can be looked up online. And if you consider it to be appealing to your readers, just embed the code into your post and add some written material to it.

Readers are usually fond of such graphics and likely to share your post with their audience. 

8. Blog series.

Sometimes an idea is just too big for a single post. In this case, a series of posts will do.

For instance, if you are blogging about flowers and creating tutorials, the topic is so vast and the audience cannot grasp everything at one go, so it is better to break your blog posts into smaller pieces of content and post each separately.

It might be something like this: Day 1: How to Make Roses, etc.

9. Guest post.

This could freshen up your site.

Let’s say you have a parenting blog. You can invite a child counselor to share tips on parenting, or dealing with stressful situations among the kids.

Similarly, if you have a cooking blog, invite a renowned chef to share some cooking tips.

10. Interviews.

Interviews are a great way to attract readers and also take off the pressure of constantly creating new content.

The interview could be with a renowned person, or the user of a product, or just a boy walking in the street. It helps to get a fresh perspective on a topic from a different point of view.

Later on, it could also be that the person who has been interviewed also shares the interview on his blog, and with his followers across multiple channels.

Hope that I have given you better ideas to write a blog and your next post goes viral over the net.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Nidhi Mahajan, a marketer and entrepreneur.