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We are sure you’ve heard anecdotal stories of how writing a book has changed an author’s life. We can say that, yes, writing a book could change your life with the ability to make money off writing, but also to spread a level of influence and some deeply personal rewards like writing about yourself or another person in a depth that can be very rewarding.

We’ll explain a few ways authors’ lives commonly change for the better when they’ve completed writing a book. We hope to inspire you to write something for yourself!

Make a Difference

While you could write your book about anything, any subject has the potential to be inspiring to someone else.

Revealing the character of a historical character, the reader is only a little familiar with how a life-altering course can begin in how they pursue things and what they do with their life. Writing a great novel is similar to a great song.

The artist may not have a specific goal in mind when writing and performing, but if the song somehow moves you and changes you, they’ve still completed their goal of making a difference in someone’s life.

Establish Yourself as an Authority

Do you feel like you know a subject quite well, and want to be known as an expert on that topic? Getting published is a good way of literally saying, “Hey, I wrote the book on that!”.

Taking the time to make a deep dive is one of the best parts in learning how to write a non-fiction book, and at the other end, you can become a known figure in that area. 

While you’ll have to do some work promoting yourself and ensuring that others know of your expertise, this process can lead to being asked lots of questions about your subject, which could affect your overall influence and career.

Imagine being asked to take part in expert panels because you demonstrated intense knowledge of a subject! These are both financial and personal rewards for your ability to convey your expertise through writing, and you should absolutely pursue them.

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Challenging Yourself When Writing

Writing a novel, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, will not be one of the easiest things you’ve done in your life. You’ll learn to persevere through life’s obstacles while you put together all the small pieces that make an interesting novel work together.

You’ll probably have to work with editors, readers, and companies that have an interest in your novel, and they might think like you – and they might not!

Completing a novel can be a testament to how hard you are willing to work to achieve something you want.


When writing a novel, you’ll have to create some new connections. These can be in the writing business or within your chosen field of expertise.

For many writers, these kinds of relationships can go well beyond exchanging ideas and maybe checks to become long-time friends with the same interests and goals. 

If your network likes your writing, you might feel emboldened to pitch more ideas and write more about your passions.

Knowledge Of Yourself

Getting a novel published can be a process. Learning enough about a subject to want to write about it, including yourself, is also a nearly lifelong process for many writers.

Writing can help you examine your habits and how you communicate with people so that you become better at all of the above in the long run. 

Some people also write personal stories out of joy, success, or trauma. Explaining your story to someone else can help you explore past problems you’ve had, as well as fully reveal how you’ve been successful. 

You Can Get Paid

We’ll leave this one simple because everyone’s story is different. If you work hard, make the right connections, and come up with unique and interesting ideas, you could make a serious living from writing.

Rather than working a part or full-time job to support yourself while you pursue a hobby of writing, you could instead just write and spend your time doing that.


There are many benefits to writing. From turning into a career-long writer to making lifelong friends and learning more about yourself, you have lots to gain by writing your non-fiction or fiction book. We hope you follow your dreams and get your book published!