How to Get Paid to Do What You Love

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~ Confucius

Are you doing what you love? Are you making a living from it?

Unfortunately, most people aren’t. Actually the average person thinks it’s impossible to do what you love and make money from it.

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But I think it is.

This self-limiting belief itself is something that prevents you from even trying to make a change in your current lifestyle.

And the only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it’s possible.

I think everyone is good at something he loves doing and has the chance to make it his dream job. It may not be easy, but it’s absolutely possible.

What’s more, it’s something you need to do in order to live a happy fulfilling life. You owe it to yourself, to the people you love – as this way you’ll be a better person and will have great relationships, and to the world and society in general – because you’ll be doing what you’re good at, will be inspiring others to do the same and will contribute beyond yourself.

In his free eBook The Zero Hour Workweek, Jonathan Mead explains how possible it is to start getting paid to exist. It’s titled this way because once you find what you love and start making an income from it, you’ll no longer consider that work. And you’ll never need to work a day in your life, but will still make money, help others, follow your passion and contribute to the world.

Here’s how he summarizes his main idea:

“It’s about getting paid to be who you are by leveraging your unique strengths, doing what you love, and finding a way to channel that so you can provide value to others while you’re doing it.”

And here are the main strategies he employed to start living a life like that:

  1. Have a clear message.

Everything starts with a purpose. Without having something we’re passionate about, for which we’re ready to make sacrifices and take action every single day, we won’t achieve anything that will last long or find satisfaction.

You need to define what it is that you want the most and how you can reach others that are passionate about the same thing.

This can happen by thinking of what makes you feel alive, the things you enjoy doing and the people you resonate with, that want to see the same change in the world and need your help.

Your message must be crystal clear, remarkable, unique and shareable with others.

2. Connect with the right people.

As a part of his personal story, Jonathan mentions that targeting his message to the people in his field that are enthusiastic about the same things has been one of the biggest keys to his success.

It’s important to speak to the right audience and reach only those who are interested in what you’re saying, who’ll give you feedback, who care about the same things and who you’d love to have as readers/clients/virtual friends/etc.

3. Focus on the important tasks.

Or as he calls it “ruthlessly prioritizing based on highest leverage activities”.

The only way to get paid to exist is to work on your most important tasks every single day. Doing things connected with your final goal will help you move forward and eliminating the unessential will help you stay focused.

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4. Choose only remarkable ideas.

Good ideas are just not good enough. Everyone has many of them every day. But you’ll make a difference if you choose the promising ones and do something to make them come true.

Ignore everything average and focus on something people want to know more about, are willing to share and you can offer your unique value.

5. Build meaningful relationships.

Find influencers and connect with them. But don’t forget to pay attention to people that are around your level too, as they might turn out to be your biggest fans one day.

6. Give people what they want.

The whole thing will be pointless if you’re doing it only for yourself. The point is to help others, give them what they want while doing what you love and making money from it.

Simply find a way to provide value to others by following your passion and doing what you’re good at.

These are the main things you should be considering while trying to build your ideal lifestyle and turn what you love doing into your dream job.

And here are the 3 main things it consists of:

Things you’re good at

It would be perfect if it’s something you’re naturally good at. Or as the writer explains in the eBook:

“We want to find a way to leverage our natural strengths to magnify our passion… By working from your strengths – rather than trying to improve your weaknesses – you’ll be a hundred times more effective.”

Things you enjoy doing

Nothing can be done well if it’s not done with a desire, joy and a positive attitude. The things you enjoy are the ones you can do forever without getting bored or losing motivation. That’s why you should choose one of them and start making it your main activity and a source of income.

Things you can get paid for

People must need what you can offer them in that field, there must be a market for that if you’re planning to make money from it.

Also, put giving value before getting the money of your followers. Try to offer something unique and helpful and in return people will be glad to pay you for it.

The whole process is not easy – it requires hard work, time and dedication, but it’s simple. And it’s the only way to your dream life.

What about you? Are you getting paid to do what you love?

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    1. Then you probably haven’t really thought about it. Because everyone has this one thing – his true passion – that moves him, makes him feel alive and happy, and he can find a way to make it more than just a hobby and implement it into his daily life, and eventually make it a career.
      For example, I have a friend that loves animals so much that she literally starts crying whenever she sees a dog or a cat on the street. She doesn’t believe that it’s possible but I told her she needs to join some charity organization that takes care of homeless animals, to start communicating with the right people who have the same interest and eventually reach influencers, maybe organize events by herself, collect money and start some kind of a pet business.
      My thing is writing and I know that because of the many little things I’ve noticed – all my childhood I’ve loved books, then at school I enjoyed writing essays and always had good marks for them even if I wasn’t prepared. Many times when I’ve felt sad or depressed, I just started writing and let it all out and then felt great.
      Two years ago I started writing almost every day and my life changed for the better. Then I started blogging, reading other blogs, reading how other writers do what they do best, and so on. And many others make a living from that so there’s hope.

      That’s what I mean by finding the thing you’re interested in. And once you do, you can help others by doing it, become independent and it feels like the right thing to do. Don’t stop looking for it. Try different things or go back to your childhood and ask yourself what was that you loved doing.

      Good luck and thanks for reading my post 🙂

      1. You are right my friend I am not denying the fact that you have just elaborated. But there are people in this world who have got confused minds. When I was young like in my teenage I used to draw and everyone told me that I draw awesome and then I thought yeah that’s my passion. When I get in to university and started studying, I loved web designing I used to make projects of my friends for them and i loved it…then I thought yeah that’s my passion. Then I started writing in my depressed days and then blogging and then I thought that’s my passion. Right now, My thoughts are all mixed up. I don’t know exactly what is my passion, i like to do so many things but I don’t know what I like to do the most. Any Advice ? and thanks for replying in such a detail. You are sweet 🙂 <3

        1. If you ask me, the fact that you have many interests is even better than having one thing to love. Believe me, many people have nothing – literally no interests.

          I think society puts too much pressure on us these days. I mean, we HAVE to have something we like and are good at, work on it all the time and make it a career. The truth is that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You are free as a bird and no one can tell you what to do because, after all, it’s their vision of the world, not yours.

          Maybe all this has affected you to some extent and you can’t freely think about what you love doing the most. Don’t lose hope then. You don’t need to hurry, you don’t need to decide now.
          Actually, when you empty your mind of all the expectations people have for you, all the worries you have that you won’t find your passion, fears and comparing to others that work what they love – is when you’ll know exactly what you’re supposed to do.

          So keep it easy and simple 🙂 Things will be just allright.

  1. I’m doing what I love. Teaching. Love going to work everyday. Unfortunately the money is not cutting it for our family and with more and more demands being placed on teachers with no increase in pay, more and more people are leaving the profession. I hope I don’t get to that extreme.

    1. It’s hard when family doesn’t support you. But you are the only person that must believe in yourself. It’s more than enough.

      Doing what others think is right is just their vision of how life must be lived. And agreeing with that means living by their standards, and never becoming who you could have become.

      You’re lucky to have found your passion. So few have these days.

      So just keep following it. And don’t feel the need to share that with others. They don’t need to know it. Do it for yourself.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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