Nowadays, income can be earned in multiple ways.

Generating a six-digit monthly passive income is not impossible to achieve, especially in the online business industry.

There are different platforms present to help you earn passive income, while some sites create reviews and guides on how to ace them.

Like any other business, there are certain niches and categories you should consider so you can determine the marketability and demand for a certain product.

Narrowing down your scope is of paramount importance in order to succeed as an online entrepreneur. The following are the most profitable niches that can help you gain high passive income through Amazon:

The 4 Most Profitable Amazon Niches

1. Beauty

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Everyone has witnessed the boom of the beauty and cosmetics industry throughout the years. People are so hyped up about beauty products today, whether it’s skincare, hair care, body care, makeup, fragrances, and the like.

The idea of caring for one’s appearance has been widespread. Amazon is definitely not out of the trend, too, as it has seen many sellers who market various beauty products on the site. 

Beauty products have improved so much compared to the beauty products years ago. They are designed to be more environment- and consumer-friendly.

Customers now prefer ingredients that are made up of organic and natural materials that tend to be more gentle on the skin.

In fact, more companies are getting inclined with manufacturing organic beauty products, such as:

  • Soaps, shampoos, and conditioners
  • Face masks
  • Creams and lotions
  • Makeup

2. Fitness and Health

Following the beauty market, people are also concerned about their overall wellness, which makes fitness and health one of the best niches to earn profit from.

Aside from the usual health concerns that adults have, tenagers nowadays suffer from behavioral problems that can give rise to anxiety and depression. With the help of wellness products and services in the market, there is a high chance that the mental health of teenagers will be less compromised.

Because of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people are more and more inclined to prioritize their health and well-being in order to stay in tip-top shape despite the increasingly stressful environment.

Along with other basic necessities, a lot of people follow diet plans and eating routines everyday to make sure that they are physically fit and protected from diseases.

Furthermore, people purchase gym and fitness products to maintain or improve their body shape besides eating healthy, which are both equally important keys to achieving a healthy and fit physique.

Another way of keeping a healthy body is not only by losing weight, but also by taking natural and organic ingredients to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals that are present in most products that people consume.

Countless opportunities to gain profit are right in front of you when it comes to this niche: 

  • Selling food and dietary supplements
  • Publishing a book about fitness and health
  • Offer fitness-related training and programs

3. Gaming

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As technology develops, more users are being inclined to various types of gaming.

Gadgets such as smartphones and tablets have made games even more accessible now compared to a decade ago. Then, only those with personal computers or consoles can play games.

With the proliferation of handheld machines, people of all ages—from kids to adults to seniors—can enjoy games anytime, anywhere.

Some have even taken this up a notch by delving into e-sports and professional gaming. As such, products related to gaming prove to be a profitable niche if you want to gain passive income

Gaming industries have different tactics to successfully promote their products and services in maintaining a good spot amongst competitors, as well as gaining a substantial market share.

They offer promotions, limited and timed in-game events, push notifications, and the acquirement of strategies for customer relationship management.

You can take advantage of this market by offering basic gaming devices such as:

  • Computer parts like gaming mice and keyboards
  • Gaming accessories such as headsets and joysticks, or speakers
  • Gaming chairs

4. Relationship and Dating

Signing up as an affiliate for dating products and services in Amazon is also a good idea of earning more money, as relationship and dating belong to one of the best niches to start with.

The romance category has always been a strong point of interest for many people regardless of age or status, which even led to the development of numerous dating apps in the market

Some of the best ways you can maximize your profit from the dating and relationship niche is through the following:

  • Writing reviews about dating eBooks
  • Self-publishing a collection of dating or relationship-related articles on the Amazon Kindle
  • Promote a new dating application that lets you meet someone near you


Beauty, fitness and health, gaming, and relationship and dating are just some of the best niches that can help you gain passive income on Amazon.

The number of people who are willing to pay for products related to these categories are on the rise.

With niche marketing as your business approach, you will have more chances of gaining success and profit in the long run if you choose the best products to sell and promote on Amazon. 

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