The 7 Benefits of Walking to Work That Will Convince You to Give it a Try

Now that you know how beneficial this is for your mental and physical health, are you willing to give walking to work a try?

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If your workplace is a couple of miles from home, walking to and from may not be an ideal option for you. However, if you are within a biking or walking distance from the premises, why not consider the Walk to Work Schema?

It may not fit into your current lifestyle, but there are a lot of benefits to reap from walking to work, most of which are health benefits.

You will not only be able to save money on transport and reduce your carbon footprint, but your mind and body will ideally benefit. Here are some of these:

The Benefits You Can Enjoy from Walking to Work

1. Improved Body Fitness.

Walking falls in the cardio form of exercise that doesn’t quickly wear you out. If you walk fast enough to raise your heart rate, breathing and temperature, you can still enjoy the same rewards a treadmill offers.

After a few days or week, you will notice that you do not feel as worn out as before when you get to work or home. It’s also a great way to burn those calories.

2. Improved Mental Wellbeing.

There is no denying that exercise is good for our mental health. Well, that rule is no exception to walking, which is a form of exercise.

Researchers say that physical activity causes chemical changes in the brain like the release of endorphins which positively changes your mood. This is a great thing as it will positively impact your self-esteem and motivation levels thus enhance productivity.

There is also the potential of walking helping you become more mindful. Commuting just makes you stare at your phone throughout the whole trip. On the other hand, walking prompts you to pay attention to things around you. Your mind becomes more active, and you will learn a lot about where you live.

3. Fewer Health Problems.

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As with any form of exercise, walking helps your body and mind stay in good shape. As such, walking to work can help reduce chances of developing obesity-related conditions.

Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease will be harder to get if you regularly walk to work.  Invest in some quality shoes to prevent any issues and provide support, like these Dunham Shoes, and enjoy the benefits of walking to work.

4. Lower Stress Levels.

According to a study from the University of East Anglia, in addition to increasing our overall wellbeing, walking actually helps reduce stress levels.

The study stated that individuals who switched from driving to work to cycling or walking, felt able to focus more and felt like they were under less strain as compared to before.

5. More Time to Yourself.

If you never have enough time to hit the gym, walking to work and back can be an excellent alternative. Instead of having to use some of your spare time to go for a run or visit the gym, consider making the walk to work a regular routine.

At the end of the day, you will be healthier and have more time for yourself.

6. Save Money.

Walking to work and back can save you a substantial amount of money.

Just do the math; how much do you spend on petrol, fare or even on a gym membership? Over time, this money adds up, and you can spend it on the rewarding ventures.

7. Get Time to Organize Your Mind.

Walking gives you an ideal chance to meditate on issues in your life. Walking to work will give you free time to think and contemplate without the pressure of workplace surroundings.

You will be surprised at how many solutions you will get on those stressing problems by just walking to work.

Now that you know how beneficial this is for your mental and physical health, are you willing to give walking to work a try?

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