Many people talk themselves out of owning a boat because they can be very expensive. However, these days many potential buyers are learning that they can have the boat they want while making a little profit with it as well. It can easily justify the cost.

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1. Run Charters.

No matter how you like to enjoy your time on your boat, there are many others out there who enjoy the same without the pleasure of owning their own boat.

If you love to share your passion, you could make money by getting a captain’s license to run charters on your boat. The requirements for getting your captain’s license will vary from state to state.

2. Peer-To-Peer Rentals.

Another great way to earn a little bit of cash using your boat is through peer-to-peer rentals. There are many companies that you can use which will be the platform for matching customers to boat owners.

Some companies will provide the platform, the marketing and the insurance for the transactions. All you will have to provide is your boat for use.

3. Run An Eco-Tour.

Many people love to get out on the water and experience the nautical sides of nature. You will find many people who are in search of tours out on the water for whale or dolphin watching, fishing and even “photography tours”.

Profiting from this specific way will vary widely depending on where you live. The locals in your area may not be a steady source of clients. If you live in an area that gets lots of tourists, this could be a very viable source of income.

4. Boating Writer.

Most people who write about boating, fishing or anything that has to do with being out on the water, own their own boats.

If boating is in your blood, why not take some of that passion and knowledge and put it to use. You can write articles, make videos or write a book. The options are many.

No matter how you decide to make a few extra bucks using your boat, it will be worth it. If you love being out on the water, it can be a great experience to share that love with others while making a little money on the side.