Best Business Startup Ideas That Can Make You Money in 2019

Potential businessmen are always in search of answers for a number of questions.

Which are the best business startup ideas? Which one of them is viable? Which are more inclined towards reaching success?

One thing that they know for sure is that the success of a startup depends on innovative ideas as well as the market potential.

So to help such businessmen find a viable solution, here are some of the best business startup ideas to check out.

Keep in mind that these ideas are for the online market and come with the potential to earn you a lot of money.

You must have heard about some of the technical terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT, etc. – these startup ideas are based on them. Remember, you need to have the right team and technical expertise to work on it.

Some of the business startup ideas which you can try out keeping the current market trends in mind are:

Artificial intelligence based startup ideas

This is a new technology and here intelligence is showcased through software just like the way human beings think and respond.

Artificial intelligence for startups can work better and some of the business ideas which you can build around it are:

1. Technical consultancy

If you are well aware of AI, then you can think about coming up with technical consultancy. A good number of companies are in demand of AI expertise so you have a good scope out there.

2. AI based personal assistant

Another business startup idea that you can come up with is building a customized personal assistant which works around AI.

Such a personal assistant will be focused towards interacting with customers or answering queries. They are nothing but AI-based chatbots used by businesses as a part of offering customer service.

3. AI-based prediction of repair and machinery

With the help of sensor network and artificial intelligence, you can try out your hand in the world of machinery. It is about to do predictive analysis of the replacement and repair of machinery that has to take place.

Robotic automation

The upcoming business process automation technology is all about Robotic Process Automation.

Here the majority of the work is automatically handled by robots or AI-based workers. Some of the robotic automation based business startup ideas you can try out are mentioned below:

4. Developing a customized robot

The first and the foremost business ideas are about coming up with your own customized robot which can deal with prototype activities or work. A good number of companies are deploying robots as the workforce to handle a number of jobs.

5. RPA Tool design and training

Another one of the best business startup ideas you can come up with is having your own RPA tool designing and training center. There is a huge space in the market for robotic automation.

Drone-based business startup ideas

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A drone is nothing but an unmanned aerial vehicle and it works without a human pilot. Such an aircraft comes with Bluetooth, GPS, collision avoidance, inbuilt camera, active tracking, etc.

You can plan a number of business ideas around drones.

6. Drone based delivery

The attempt to make delivery using drones have already been conducted.

In the future, you will be able to witness delivery of products made by UAV drones. If you are good at it, you can think about building your business in this direction.

7. Photography

Before the introduction of drones, taking photos from above has been a very expensive affair.

Drones come with a high-resolution camera and if you are good at photography and have the skills to work with drones, you can consider building your business around it.

8. Agriculture and building survey

It is possible to conduct building and agriculture surveys at a low cost by making use of drones equipped with a camera and sensor.

You can also increase crop yields this way. You can think about building a business around it if you have the needed expertise in it.

9. Big data analytics consultancy

Big data analysis is a process to get insights from data so that it can be presented in a meaningful manner and make the right decisions.

The demand of consultants and experts dealing with big data analysis will rise in future. So there will be an immense demand for big data analytics experts for the job.

If you are good with big data analytics, you can think about setting up your startup as a consultancy.

Wearable technology startup ideas

Wearables are the devices which can be worn on the body or placed on the clothes. It can also be injected inside the body as an implant.

The use of wearable devices is increasing all over the world now. Some of the best business startup ideas which you can build up around wearables are mentioned below:

10. Selling wearable products

One of the ideas you can develop is importing and selling wearable products.

11. Wearable app development

The increasing demand for wearables will lead to the increased Drone-based of mobile app development to suit wearable devices.

So if you are good with mobile app development you can think about building your business in it.

Smart glass based-business ideas

This is an innovative product on its own. With the passage of electric current the property of smart glass changes too.

The smart glass applications which can prove to be helpful are a virtual meeting, arranging immersive training, video conferencing, offering real-time guidance, etc.

For startups, it can be called the future technology with immense positive opportunities.

Augmented reality-based education startup ideas

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In the education sector augmented reality is capable to play a huge role. You can say augmented reality application is the next big trend in the education industry.

It can help to make learning more fun and engaging. It can be applied at school and college levels.

If you are good with augmented reality you can try out some of the best business startup ideas. That could be applying augmented reality in reality-based classrooms, helping with distance learning, help with marketing in the education sector, etc.

Virtual 3D technology-based startup ideas

Virtual 3D is all about using computer technology with the intention to build a virtual environment in 3D.

The users can make use of this environment and get into the 3D world. Some of the startup ideas which can be built around virtual 3D technology are as follows:

12. Virtual 3D tour program

One of the best things you can offer with 3D technology is a virtual tour for hotels, real estate, products or factory environment.

To come up with such kind of virtual tour you need to have the right expertise and a lot of time.

There is a better opportunity for you to make enough money if you have a team who is seriously capable of working towards virtual 3D technology.

13. Selling Virtual 3D equipment

How about setting up a business which is all about importing and selling virtual 3D equipment? Think about it.

14. Virtual 3D gaming

Think about a business startup idea of designing and selling games in virtual 3D.

In the coming years people will be more inclined towards playing virtual games in place of actual games.

3D printing

This is a technique of building out a real product out of 3D digital model and here different layers of the material are laid.

3D printing comes with a lot of potential and a number of business ideas can be built around it like 3D scanning, coming up with prototype 3D printing models, selling 3D printing, etc.

Smart IoT based startup ideas

The Internet of Things, IoT, is a network of physically connected devices which can be home appliances, vehicles, sensors and others, capable to exchange data in order to assist the process to take decisions.

In association with IoT, you will be able to find a number of business startup ideas. Some of them which you can consider are selling IoT devices, offering Industrial IoT consulting service, networking of IoT devices, etc.  

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