The days where an internet browser was simply a tool for viewing sites on the world wide web are long gone.

Today, there is so much more you can do with the right browser and the additional functionality you can customize it with, putting it right at the heart of your personal and professional life.

By far the most popular these days is Google Chrome, and it offers an almost endless supply of Extensions you can choose from to help boost your productivity.

From dealing with your emails to taking notes to managing your task list to avoiding distractions, there are Chrome Extensions that will keep you on track for getting your work done.

This guide offers up 27 of the best-reviewed options for everything you need to be more productive and effective:

Best Chrome Extensions

Managing Your Emails

Emails have been a mixed blessing for the world of work.

They make it both so easy and so difficult to communicate with colleagues, customers and clients, while there’s few more stressful things than an overflowing inbox where important messages get lost as soon as they’ve been read.

Luckily, there are Chrome Extensions to help you manage them.

Snooze Email is a particularly useful tool because it lets you remove emails from your inbox temporarily, arranging for them to return when you can deal with them.

Inbox When Ready goes a step further and lets you hide your whole inbox when you need to concentrate.

Browsing The Web

Chrome is built to help you browse the web, but you can optimize your web browsing experience with these Extensions.

Sometimes reading content on the web can be a difficult task because of the pop-up adverts and flashy distractions, messages and autoplaying videos that get piled onto a page. So UBlock Origin is essential for anyone who wants to remove all the noise and get a quicker and simpler experience.

Equally, Just Read is a useful Extension for anyone who wants to remove everything but the words and focus on what they’re reading.

If you’re easily distracted by browsing irrelevant websites when you’re meant to be working, Stay Focusd can help you restrict your access to these sites during allotted time slots, literally helping you stay focused.

Note Taking & Writing

When you’re researching on the internet, having a tool to quickly take notes is a huge time saver, and they don’t come much better than Evernote.

Its Chrome Extension lets you clip articles and pages to relevant notebooks quickly and easily, making it an essential addition to your browser.

If you spend a lot of time writing in Chrome, whether in Google Docs or WordPress, you’ll also need the Grammarly Extension to spot any spelling or grammar mistakes you’re making before anyone else does after you’ve published.

Task Management

In a hectic world full of digital distractions and a steady flow of requests for you to do projects and jobs, the ability to juggle them all and keep a focus on your priorities is the difference between staying on top and drowning.

So you need tools to help you and some of the best ones out there have Chrome Extensions to make your life even easier.

One example is Todoist which lets you create and amend task lists in your browser as well as set due dates.

Momentum offers a different approach with a daily inspiring photo and task list when you open a new browser tab.


The internet has brought us many ways to collaborate with our team mates, who no longer even need to be on the same continent, never mind in the same office.

However, this kind of collaboration still needs the right tools to work effectively, otherwise it leads to chaos and problems rather than productivity.

Toby is a great Extension for teams as it enables you to save tab groups and share them with teams, while Ziteboard’s collaborative whiteboard is ideal for working on and discussing joint projects.

And finally, the simplicity of the Save To Google Drive Extension speaks for itself when it comes to storing files somewhere everyone can access.

Other Essentials

We’ve covered most of the important areas where the best Chrome Extensions can help you boost your productivity, but there’s plenty of other useful tools out there for you to use.

A big drain on productivity in the modern age is the time wasted trying to remember and recover forgotten passwords at work. So LastPass offers an Extension that saves and stores your important login details for the various sites you need to do your job every day.

Noisli meanwhile offers something that everyone who works in a noisy office needs. It plays a variety of white noise sounds to block out the chatter and let you get on with what needs to be done.

If you enjoy setting and achieving goals, Win The Day is an Extension that lets you set daily targets on the path to the ultimate goal, giving you that sense of achievement as you smash through those targets.

All of these Extensions have been made to help you achieve more at work, so why not start trying them out and see which ones fit in best with your tasks and targets?

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