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As creators, we produce content all the time. It’s what we love doing, what helps us build an audience and improve our brand, and what ultimately leads to clients, sales and profits.

Maybe you’re a blogger. Regardless of whether you’re doing it professionally and have a big audience, or just as a side hustle and to build a name for yourself, you rely on your written word.

As a freelance writer, that matters even more as you’re getting paid to produce content for clients, that will be presented to their customers and audiences.

Whatever the purpose of your writing is, you should build trust and relationships with everything you write, and keep it professional.

That happens by making your content engaging and practical. By adding data and researches and linking to the original sources. By making it easy to read and formatting it in a way that makes the most important points stand out.

But there’s more to that.

The 2 Most Important Things About Your Content

First, it must be original. And for that, you should use one of the many plagiarism checkers available online.

Second, your content must be well-written.

No one will really take your words seriously if you make grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes.

Even if you’ve been doing this for years, without good editing and proofreading, your writing will probably cost you potential clients and readers. Don’t let that happen.

You might have heard of Grammarly – the most popular and trusted online tool that checks for plagiarism, grammar mistakes, spelling errors, proofreads automatically, and more.

It not only does the grammar checking while you’re writing, but is also free. Let’s talk about how Grammarly can help you out and make you a better blogger and writer.

What Does Grammarly Do Exactly

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker that improves communication by helping users find and correct writing mistakes.

It’s also the world’s leading automated proofreader and millions of people rely on it daily for all types of writing they do online.

Grammarly is an Inc. 500 company.

The Free Grammarly Products

Here’s how you can use the grammar and plagiarism checker tools for free:

  • online text editor – simply copy and paste text in English;
  • browser extension – you can use Grammarly as a browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox to make sure anything you type is error-free.
  • plagiarism checker – simply paste some text or upload a file, and click the button to find out if it appears anywhere else online.

Any text you check with the tool remains private.

Grammarly, with its accessibility, ease of use, and accurateness, is ideal for:

  • students;
  • professionals in all fields;
  • freelancers;
  • people whose second language is English or those who are learning it now;
  • job seekers;
    And more.

For those wanting to take their content to the next level, Grammarly also offers a few subscriptions plans.

With the premium version you get even more features, such as advanced checks, suggestions, explanations for the grammar rules, integrations and access from multiple devices, checking specific writing styles, and more.

Not many things are sure about where the Internet is headed. But one thing that will remain the same is the importance of well-written, engaging content.

It becomes the foundation of any online business, audience, and brand.

Let’s take writing more seriously today, and never publish anything with mistakes any more.

Check out Grammarly and start using it for free today.

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