Hey, fellow blogger!

What if your blog turns into a full-time business?

It’s absolutely possible. But there’s a lot more to blogging than most people assume.

You won’t turn your blog into a sustainable business that provides value and brings you consistent revenue until you nail all the key elements that go into it (such as traffic, monetization, content, optimization, email marketing, etc.)

So, let’s get started.

Free 5-Figure Blog Biz Checklist

Grab the free 5-figure blog biz checklist

to find out what elements + tools your blog needs to not just become a source of passive income, but allow you to quit your day job and be a full-time blogger.

How to become a blogger: the 3 stages of your journey

start a blog

Choose your blog niche, set up your website, design it and add functionality.

get traffic

Publish valuable content and optimize it for search engines, get traffic from Pinterest, and track analytics.


Start making money from your blog in 4 different ways to diversify your income.

need inspiration?

Browse the income reports

For years I’ve been publishing detailed income reports from my blogging business.

Inside, you can see exactly what I earned in a month, what expenses I had, the things I worked on, as well as traffic numbers and email list growth. I also share the lessons and mistakes all the way to earning $50K/year blogging.

the signature blogging course

Blog to Biz System

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This is the proven methodology I teach to go from not knowing anything about blogging or having a hobby blog, to turning this into an epic 5-figure business.


let me audit your blog + create your growth strategy

It’s time to go from a hobby blogger to a pro blogger and I’ll prepare the action plan for you.

A blog audit is a review of every element on your website. What you’ll get is a 60-page PDF file containing information about the most important areas of your blog as well as suggestions on how to improve and next steps to take.

client love

Blog Audit testimonials
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more offers


The Blog Sponsorship Boss

the blog sponsorship boss course

This program is your one-stop shop for anything related to making money with sponsored content as a blogger.


Blog Income Boost

BIB image

A quick training that teaches you 7 revenue-boosting things you can do on your blog RIGHT AWAY to get closer to that 5-figure income.


Fearless Content

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A program to help you unlock your best content, uplevel your brand and create profound impact.

What students are saying

jae testimonial blog sponsorship boss

“If you are considering doing sponsored posts and advertising on your blog, or if you have already been doing some, The Blog Sponsorship Boss will let you know things that just can’t be found anywhere else.

I now have the confidence to approach brands myself about working with them – something I would have never done before taking this course.

It was valuable in showing me what bad enquiries are and those I should stay away from and not pursue. I am already saying no to bad offers – now I can see them a mile off! I feel empowered to do that! 

I just worked with a great company on a sponsored post and I knew from taking the course that there were no red flags and they were professional and great to work with. I knew how to negotiate, what to look out for, and what to expect from a partnership.

I also learned about creating my media kit, and with the advice given I was able to create mine in Canva in just one day!  

The Blog Sponsorship Boss really helped me understand that I should never sell myself short, it gave me so much confidence in that. I should have started out with sponsorships earlier, I was too hesitant to do that. Now I feel I am armed with all the information that I need!”

aida image

Blog Income Boost helped me discern what I should be prioritizing as a new blogger (building a mailing list and focusing on my Pinterest). What I loved the most about the course were the sections on Pinterest and building a mailing list with the help of a freebie.
This training helps you cut through the noise and allows you to get clear on what you should be focusing your time on. Lidiya really helps you zero in on the priorities.”

nidhiya testimonial

“From optimizing the blog to building email lists, to understanding affiliates and sponsored posts, and getting started on Pinterest, Blog to Biz System has helped me take into account every tiny detail needed (which I may have missed otherwise) and implement it.

I learnt tips that work with getting good content out with the right keywords to help with SEO, strategies to grow our audience via Pinterest, acquire leads with a lead magnet, and I’m now learning to monetize the blog.”

rachael tanze

“My blogging journey took a different dimension the day I came across $1K Blogger. I am no longer lost or confused. I know exactly what to do and where I am heading towards monetizing my blog.

I am making affiliate sales even with little pageviews, my digital products are set for sales and release and my email list is growing.

Lidiya simplified this course and it felt so easy to implement everything she is teaching.”