Have you ever gotten to a place or an organization where you wanted to sign a deal, you have completed inspiring all the necessary practice but finally the question came: “Can we rely on you?” or “Are you capable of this delivery?”

It is very difficult to give a prompt answer to that question, but the question needs an instantaneous answer so you won’t lose the deal. The only “person” that could stand in the gap to speak for you is your reputation.

Irrespective of your niche, any entrepreneur should expect to face numerous of competitors and the truth is no one is ready to reckon with a non-reputable entrepreneur.

Your reputation either makes or destroys you. Good reputation opens the door of greater opportunities but a bad reputation closes the door and makes you unserviceable.

Steps to follow to build a great entrepreneurial reputation

1. Be Standard & Balanced

As an entrepreneur, this is the first technique you need to get used to when building your reputation.

Be practical and stable; do what is right in favor of your self-worth and with regard to others. Have standard policies for yourself and be known for it.

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”

It’s odd but people see entrepreneurs who act just to honor others even if it requires them disregarding their self-worth as “fools” who don’t know what they are doing. And no one would definitely want to close a deal with a fool!!!

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2. Keep Your Words

As an entrepreneur, you need to be careful with the making of promises; don’t make irrelevant ones. But there might be a need for you to make a promise or grant an assurance. Whenever you do that, be sure to keep it.

Be steadfast, be dependable, say what you can do and do only what you’re capable of saying.

3. Be a Man/Woman of Integrity

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To earn a fearless and positive entrepreneurial reputation and be credited among numerous entrepreneurs, you need to be a man/woman of integrity.

It begins with your hobbies/ habits, your attitude, your thought, your perspective and the likes.

Do the right thing when people are watching and when you feel no one is there with you.

“The greatest level of excitement is attained when you perform a great work and you allow others find out by themselves.”

How perfect!

4. Have a Wide Network

Having a wide network range means getting to know people and getting people to know you too.

When trying to build a strong entrepreneurial reputation for yourself, your network range matters a lot.

Get engaged in your niche and improve your networking skills.

If you’re a writer, guest post and be featured in top blogs and magazines in your niche and be known for a difference.

In case you’re a trader, join traders society and be outstanding. A politician? Join a unique political party and possess great intellects.

Whenever your reputation as a businessman is being traced, your network range serves the best lines to follow. So you get the greatest deal if you are well connected.

5. Be a Lengthy Learner

You need to relate with your patrons regularly, asking them about your performance; what they feel you lack and how they feel you could improve.

Though there are times whereby the response you get in return will be a discouraging one, the truth is that you stand the chances of pin-pointing more sincere feedbacks which you could work on and get better recommendations.

Clients love to see you strive for knowledge.

They tend to love and trust you more when you ask them for their views. They serve you with inspirations and some might even stand in the gap to be your motivator to achieve that new discovery.

Also, you need to segregate time for higher knowledge.

Seek knowledge from higher sources; online materials, physical books, attend seminars/ webinars and the likes.

If truly you want it, then you must go all-out to get the worth. There are hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs in the same niche as you are and the only way to stand out and be reckoned with is to give your patrons “what they want.”

6. Sometimes, Act Beyond What Is Expected

There are times when you should act beyond what is expected.

Maybe you promised your client 3 project files within 2 weeks. Well, provide him with 5 files within 1 week!

Your boss gave you 6 hours to digitize a proposal and send it to her? Get it delivered within 4 hours.

Did you say you will offer 8 percent discount to a potential customer? Offer 10 percent.

Most of the time, these little positive changes mean a lot.

It makes you likeable among your folks, offers you greater recommendation and adds rank to your entrepreneurial reputation.

7. Your “Physical Composure” Should Always Be Modest

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Your physical composure includes your look, your manner of dressing, your mode of talking, your emotional expression and the likes.

First impression truly matters a lot and the fact remains that people gain their first impression just by sight. Even before they interact with you, you have been half­-way defined in their mind.

You don’t have to be too classy; people feel you’ve got it all and you don’t need to be connected. Don’t look unrefined as well; people feel you lack the right orientation to be connected.

Don’t dress to attract unnecessary/ unprofessional attention and don’t dress to get professionals pissed off {you know what I mean}. Dress with all modesty.

And in your speaking, be humble. Don’t lose even the slightest opportunity you’ve got to define yourself to a person in the best way. People can forget everything about you; your look, your attitude, your character. But your manner of speech will always be remembered.

8. Realize That “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day.”

You need to realize that building a strong and positive reputation is not like “eating a snack”. You need to work-it-out-well before it comes to place.

Most entrepreneurs just want a quick recommendation which could earn them a snap contract and all they end up with is degradation.

Building a positive entrepreneurial reputation isn’t a day’s job. It requires a steady and continuous practice of anything we mentioned above.

So, what action can you take to build a better reputation?

About The Author

This is a guest post by Daniel Moayanda, founder and CEO of Perfect Motivations. He’s a young strategist, motivational writer and public speaker, who provides entrepreneurs with success strategies and backs it up with the right motivation.