5 Businesses That Bloom in The Summer and How to Make Them Successful 66

5 Businesses That Bloom in The Summer and How to Make Them Successful

Summer is the most peculiar part of the year, and it’s the time when everybody is relaxed, happy and feeling better than ever. That’s precisely why insightful entrepreneurs center their business strategies on this feeling of happiness and why certain business simply blossom in the summer.

If you too want to get into the industry that’s blooming in the summer as well, here are five business ideas you might want to investigate.

Party catering

This is one of the businesses that’s popular all year long, but it seems that it’s particularly popular in the summer. After all, this is the time for garden parties where wish nothing more than to spend some time in their backyards.

Luckily, most of them hate cooking in the hot weather and hiring a catering service is just the thing they’re looking for, and that’s where you step into the picture. Of course, you’ll need some special equipment to get you through the summer. So find adequate coolers and fridges as soon as possible, as well as a reliable van that will transport the food from your home to the party location.

In the end, explore popular catering trends that are going to make your food extra special and different from the competition, as that’s the only way to make an amazing income this summer.

Pet care service

This is another business that’s always in demand, but its popularity reaches new peaks in the summer. Even though people love their pets, walking them under the blazing Sun just isn’t as fun as you’d think.

That’s why you can offer special discounts and offers in the summer and extend your services to pet sitting as well.

This might be even easier, given that you’d spend time inside someone’s air-conditioned home instead of being outside, in the hot weather. What you’ll need to do is advertise your services more aggressively in the spring, so that by the time summer arrives, everyone in your area already knows about you.

Coffee shop/bar

The Five Elements of Flawless Customer Experience

There’s a reason why some of the most popular sitcoms of all times – take Friends and How I Met Your Mother as examples – are filmed in fictional coffee shops and bars: people just love spending time there!

And if you’re an owner of such an establishment, you’d better prepare for the summer, because the number of people searching for cold refreshments is going to be huge.

Industry veterans know how vital having an appealing and welcoming outdoor space is but you have to protect your guests against the Sun. Which is why clever bar and coffee shop owners invest in protective shade sails that are much better and more efficient than simple outdoor umbrellas. This is what will set your place apart from all the others and help you attract more guests.

Tour guidance

If you live in a tourist area, the only sensible thing to do is hop onto this lucrative wagon and try to make some money along the way.

Providing organized tours and guidance through your city’s or region’s most popular summer attractions is becoming more and more popular even among those people with almost no background in tourism.

All you basically need is a good organization, a decent website and the actual knowledge of the places your new tourist agency can offer to foreign visitors. You can also plan their beach tours and provide them with transportation from one beach to another, but don’t forget to get licensed and acquire all the necessary paperwork in advance, just to make sure you’re ready for welcoming the first tourists.

Carwash service

car wash business

Again, this is one of the things people generally don’t like doing in the summer, and it’s your job to fill in the void. It’s all about helping those who hate washing their car, but don’t mind paying someone else to do it.

You can start small and get into the business with your friends. So you’ll need nothing else than a powerful hose, a couple of buckets of water, a few sponges and some wax and dash polisher.

If you notice that your business is blooming and attracting more and more clients, you can invest in building a parking lot and a structure where you can wash the cars and let them dry. Also, investigate in various marketing strategies, opt for those that seem the most reliable and effective, and start counting the money!

All of these ideas are just as effective in August and December, but it seems that they’re gaining more popularity under the hot Sun, which is why you need to take them into consideration when thinking about your next summer job. Keep in mind that something that seems simple in the beginning can grow into a proper business empire, so take these ideas seriously and start turning them into reality.

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This article was written by Faith McGregor.

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9 Ways to Handle Change in Your Life [Infographic] 3

9 Ways to Handle Change in Your Life [Infographic]

When a big change happens in your life, it doesn’t have to be a negative change to have a huge impact on you.

Change causes uncertainty and our brains and bodies react to uncertainty by trying to protect us with the release of fight or flight chemicals and hormones.

The downside to this is that living with these for an extended time results in elevated heart rate and affects your digestion, immune systems and blood flow.

But there are ways you can regain control over your life even in the midst of big changes.

The first is to take a step back and reflect on what’s actually happening and what your involvement is, which will help you to understand and find perspective on the situation. Hopefully, this will enable you to find the opportunities that every change in your life brings, rather than obsessing over any short-term negative impacts.

It may also help you to allow yourself a transition period where you adjust to the changes. But with a firm deadline by which you expect to have moved on and settled into the new routine. Even if it doesn’t quite work out that way, it will still push you towards visualizing the end of the uncertainty, which will prepare you to make it happen sooner rather than later.

On a more basic level, you need to remember to look after yourself during this time of change and the related stresses.

It can be too easy to fall into bad habits like neglecting your own simple needs, like a good night’s sleep and staying active and eating right when you are going through something like this. Having a day in your pajamas eating ice cream out of the tub is fine. But your body needs sleep, exercise and nutrition to keep you healthy.

Routine can be a comfort when it feels like everything in your life is changing.

So try and stick to some simple ones like walking your dog every morning or going to a regular gym class to give your life some stability and consistency.

You also need the help and support of those around you. And having a strong support network is crucial when it comes to coping with big changes in your life. This means family and friends, but you could also seek out people going through similar experiences by looking online. There may well be communities who you can talk to and get helpful tips from.

Most importantly of all, you need to be aware of when you need more than just the love and support of other people to help you cope with stress and uncertainty. If you start to feel like your mental health is really suffering, or you have been feeling the symptoms of stress for more than a couple of months, you need to go and talk to a health professional to get the help you need to bounce back.

You can read more practical tips about dealing with change and the symptoms it causes in this infographic from Pounds to Pocket.