How to Become a Medical Entrepreneur and Build a Steady Career in Healthcare - impactful careers

When it comes to careers, the majority of us will end up in nine to five office jobs, administrative roles, hospitality and catering positions, or the field of entertainment. All of these are necessary areas for society as we know it to tick over.

But there are some impactful careers out there that will dramatically alter the quality of others’ lives, boosting their health, happiness and wellbeing.

If this is something that interests you, you may want to look into the field of medicine, as this is home to many of these kinds of jobs. Here are a few impactful careers that you might want to take into consideration!


For years, the medical field has focused primarily on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of physical illness and physical conditions. However, nowadays, increasing amounts of attention are being paid to mental illness and mental conditions too.

If you undertake an online christian psychology degree, you can gain the necessary qualifications to become a qualified psychologist.

Within this role, you will actively study individuals’ cognitive, emotional, and social processes to understand their behaviour and actions.

The results of your assessment will help you to identify or diagnose mental illness. This diagnosis could result in appropriate treatment, significantly improving your clients’ quality of life.

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Every day, around 350,000 babies are born. While people may have carried this process out independently in the past, increasing numbers of women are opting to give birth to their child in the sterile and supervised environment of a hospital.

This means that when around 350,000 women go through a particularly difficult process on a daily basis, a huge number will either opt for or require medical supervision and help to ensure that their little one enters the world in good health!

This is where neonatal specialists, otherwise known as “midwives”, come into play. If you take on this role, you will become a specialist in pregnancy and birth and their period of care spans through pregnancy, labor, birth, and up to 28 days following birth.

You will help women from conception to the initial raising of their child and can have a profoundly positive influence on their experience!

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If you become a surgeon, you are placed in a position where you can quite literally save lives with your actions. This is an extremely specialist role, so whichever area of the body you specialize in will determine what kind of procedures you carry out.

However, every role tends to come with authority and respect. What’s more? This is one of the highest paid positions out there.

Sure, it is testing and requires a whole lot of hard work and training, but the reward of knowing you have helped to relieve another person’s pain or discomfort is more than worth it!

As you can see, the different roles that you can pursue in medicine can be extremely different and wide-spanning. But each of these impactful careers allows you to genuinely improves others’ quality of life!