• Inspiring Steve Jobs Quotes on Passion, Life and Technology

    inspiring steve jobs quotes on passion, life and technology

    Steve Jobs changed the world. Most of us enjoy his legacy every day, but what more we can do is learn from what he had to say, read his thoughts on important stuff and try to think about it, pay attention to what truly matters and see life, death, time and technology through his eyes. […]

  • Why It’s Not So Hard to Succeed

    Many people aren’t successful because they are afraid to fail. Or because they give up after some time, don’t find the power to try one more time, listen to the nay-sayers, don’t believe in themselves, aren’t confident or think they aren’t good enough. Well, most people are wrong. Because success and happiness are possible. Every […]

  • Don Draper’s Simple Technique for Producing Creative Ideas

    don draper lesson on creative ideas

    “The day you sign a client is the day you start losing them.” – Don Draper It’s 08:00 am. Just finished my morning routine and here I am now watching an episode of ‘Mad Men’ on my laptop. This is my free time before I go back to doing my tasks for the day. It’s […]