How to Deal with Negativity from Others on Your Entrepreneurial Journey 27

Dealing with Negativity from Others on Your Entrepreneurial Journey - Let's Reach Success

Whether you’re working for someone else, are an aspiring entrepreneur, or have already created a business that provides value, and are content with the way things are and happy with how you spend your time, you still care about your family and friends’ opinion about what you do.

It’s human nature to need support, even though we are powerful beyond measure and have so much potential within, and even though we’re determined and on the right path.

Others around us still affect us with their judgment, and if they’re negative about what we do for a living, we can’t have peace of mind.

If that sounds familiar, what should you do? How do we deal with the negativity and lack of support from the important individuals in our life? How do we turn this around and let it become a driving force on our way to success? Here are some ways:

1. Make them familiar with the big picture.

Chances are, the people in your surroundings aren’t sure what your goals are and how what you’re doing now will shape you as a person, will brighten your future and will make the world a better place. So go tell them today!

Talk openly about your business, say why you’re passionate about that in particular, tell them how you feel when you do what you love, encourage them to find their passion too, and make sure you let them know how this is one of the best ways to contribute to the world.

2. Be alright with rejection.

Rejection is part of life. Everyone is walking their own path, and most often it’s completely different from yours. So I say accept their journey and respect it. Know that they may not always understand yours, and that’s okay. They still care about you and that’s all that matters.

3. Keep your why in mind.

Never let their negativity make you give up on what you believe in.

It’s one of your missions in life to be an entrepreneur, to find people’s pain and offer them a solution with your product or service.

Keep your vision alive in daily life, don’t listen to the naysayers and know that this is exactly what you’re supposed to do.

4. Let go of expectations.

The only way to be disappointed by what others feel about your career trajectory is to expect them to be there for you and show support.

But what if you let go of any expectations? What if you just leave the illusions of how you want them to react behind and accept whatever they have to say? Things will be much simpler.

Don’t complicate life by trying to please everyone, to change them, or else. Let go of that and keep doing what you do.

5. See the hidden signs.

Look at things from another perspective and you won’t be bothered by what others think about you and your life anymore.

Realize that by being negative, they show traits of their personality, and often it has nothing to do with you. They’re judging you, and that shows insecurity. Most often, they are having deeper issues of their own. Once you accept that, you’ll send nothing but peace and love to them even if they aren’t supportive.

Others shouldn’t be an obstacle on your way to creating a profitable business, or working the job you enjoy the most. Try one of these 5 ways of dealing with the negativity from friends and family today, and replace the doubts and anxiety with freedom and contentment.

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7 Quick Tips on How to Be More Successful in Everyday Life 6

If Life Were a Game, What Would Your Score Be? [FREE 10 Minute Assessment]

Everyone dreams about being successful. But what is success?

For you, it could be building a company, getting promoted at work, generating wealth, or more humble ambitions, such as being the best parent or partner. While success looks different to each person, we all have an innate desire to achieve.

No matter how you define success as an individual, here are some habits you can adopt to become more successful in everyday life.

1. Be Focused.

There are distractions all around us, from social media and smartphones to friends and family. While everyone needs some ‘me time,’ to be successful, you also need focus. As such, cut out distractions and set aside time to work towards your goal.

Remember: There is always something productive you can do.

2. Aim to Learn.

It can be easy to get hung up results but being successful is about more than the outcome. The key to being truly successful is about learning. This allows you to grow and adapt, changing your approach and leading to improvements. As such, make learning a goal. This will also help to keep you motivated, too.

3. Be Prepared.

Being prepared is essential to increase the chance of success. This can be applied to almost any situation. Whether you are expecting your first baby, have an upcoming exam or interview, or are considering CFD trading, all require research and preparation.

4. Stop the Excuses.

When something goes wrong, it can be easy to dig your head in the sand, but this is not a habit of a successful person. Instead, take responsibility. Stop your excuses, work on your weaknesses and make improvements. The onus is on you to be successful so step up, set challenges and drive yourself forward.

5. Be Happy.

You may be focussed on earning more money, or you may have a goal to buy a flash car. But if you’re working a job you cannot stand, putting in too many hours and sacrificing time with the ones you love, you could quickly start to feel miserable.

Increase your happiness and make it a marker of your success, even if it takes longer to achieve your goals.

6. Feel Grateful.

Success is often less about material possessions or goals than it is about changing our perceptions.

This is why it is important to start recognizing the good things around you. Recognise and feel grateful for what you already have and you will soon feel very successful indeed.

7. Start Failing.

This may seem counterintuitive, but failure is a big part of success. It helps to highlight the things we do not want and essentially provides clarity. A little failure never hurt anyone. After all, no one has ever become successful without first experiencing failure.