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It all comes down to your mentality. Your mentality directs the actions that you take.

The truth is people are competitive and will want to hit you with the worst possible – they will want to drown you and hit you with a fire extinguisher to ensure that you do not get ahead.

Being successful is as much about dealing with the negative emotions as much as anything else. When you really go for what you want you are going to have detractors: there’s no doubt about it.

The key is to try to pierce through this – to be successful you need to be in an environment that brings out the best out in you. You might not be aware of it but you might be living in a toxic environment that is preventing you from achieving your best.

At this stage you need to use your gut feelings and experiment a bit: try working with new things. Ultimately, you constantly need to have at the forefront of your mind that you are an amazing person who deserves high self-esteem.

Understand That Everyone Else Has The Same Problems.

A lot of people who wish success for themselves have dreams of conquering other people. They have an image of their competitors being knocked down and them being the sole victor standing. This mentality leads them to be vindictive in dealings with others.

The best outcome someone can have is to ensure that they are collaborating with even their competitors.

Everyone has some value to offer – an alternative approach that you may not have considered. That is where the value comes from in working as part of a team. Everyone brings their unique difference that delivers the best result.

It is important to take cue of why someone is serving you negative emotion.

Negative emotion can come from jealousy as much as anything else. People may decide that they want something you have so they will give you negative energy as a result.

You could be on the receiving end of negative emotion because you are doing the wrong thing: you keep saying the wrong things at the wrong time, you never dress well, you have no social life – the list goes on and on.

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The Importance of Your Social Network.

how to stop trying to change someone

It goes without saying that you need to have a healthy social life. This way you can give balance to any power that one person wants to hold over you. You will need to strive to change your environment, the situation that you are stuck in.

Changing your status quo requires reaching out and pushing outside your comfort zone.

Keeping in mind that automatically as soon as you push outside your comfort zone you will be hit with negative energy. You are changing your frequency and the interactions you have with other people. People who are used to you being the way you are will not be happy.

At this point it is important to not to give in to this kind of bashing. You do not want to completely tell people to get stuffed – at the same time you want to drive change and move in a different direction.

This is the most difficult period and is a struggle, but it is a struggle the best of us have to go through to become a better person

When going through this struggle it is important to tap into a community that are going to support your change.

A community that is going to keep things fresh and ultimately lift you up. They will provide a balance to the negativity you constantly experience. But you will still have to battle the negativity: that is never ending.

It is OK to Challenge Negativity.

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As with any struggle you cannot choose to ignore this negativity. Those forces are there for a reason and if you want to improve you need to take heed of the forces that are trying to drag you down.

Keeping in mind that these forces crop up and will continue to appear – it might be workmates that are giving you a hard time, or a sibling who is trying to control you.

Whatever it is you have to take note of this – you are being hit with this negative energy for a good reason. Likely it is someone who does not want to be ignored.

In return you should not ignore them – give it the time and care that it needs. Make sure that it is treated – you do not want your change to be filled with discontent.

The negative forces clamping down on you could be a bully who is trying to get their way. In return it would be necessary to act in an aggressive way.

There is no point letting these things get on top of you. People may show physical or emotional aggression. In this situation you will have to stand up for yourself. You can do this using good humor in a light-hearted fashion: whatever works for you.

People will expect you to be aggressive at times to get what you want. But aggression can take many surprising forms: it could be in your body language or dressing in a confident way. It could be by being incredible positive and having a clear mind.

It is important to keep in mind that you are an individual and so is everyone else. The least that someone can do is to direct a negative message towards you or show some kind of physical aggression.

These are displays of problems that they are having in their own lives.

Put Yourself in a Better Position.

As you increase your involvement in the community and in other people’s lives you will see that these people’s influence will be considerable diminished.

They will not be able to have as much standing because they will be competing with other personalities that you also have a relationship with. They will understand and will have to make a compromise themselves.

The most important thing is that you are presenting your best self to people at all times. People are human and their negativity is going to be at work at all times.

It is crucial to take heed of this and weather it in a way that enables you to get the best result.

Getting what you want takes fortitude in the mind, not giving in to other people’s negativity and giving yourself the best chance of becoming a well-rounded person.

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Your mentality directs the actions that you take. Here are some tips on how to change your reality from negative to positive: