Decisions. If you think about it, life’s a series of choices we make.

In fact, at any moment of the day we’re saying one yes – to the place we’re at, the person we talk to, the offer we accept, the book we read, the topic we discuss, the task we work on.

But we’re also saying no to every other place we can be at, all the other people that are important to us, and basically anything else we could be doing.

It’s not missing out, although some people try to be everywhere and get it all done, and say yes to every opportunity… until they realize their time is limited, so is there attention and energy. Plus, they don’t really enjoy life anymore this way.

So what’s the right thing to do then?

Choose one thing to do and make sure you’re present the whole time.

Whoever it is you’re talking to right now, don’t judge him, be honest, listen and share what’s on your mind, appreciate that person and his company. Find joy.

If you’re attending an event, let go of every other place you could be visiting at the same time no matter how exciting it may sound. And just live consciously in the present moment.

But what about decision making? When we have 2 or more options and need to decide now. When there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. When we jump from one to the second and back. When we’re so confused and the final moment to decide comes.

Then, it’s time to trust your intuition.

Your inner self knows better what you truly desire, it’s just that the doubt, insecurity, perfectionism, fears, other people’s opinion and other factors distract you from clearing your mind and finding out what to choose.

But there are ways to get to the answer.

Here’s the time to mention that sometimes you’ve been overthinking for so long that there’s no way you can let go of all these ideals you’ve created in your head and take a decision. If you do, you’ll be asking yourself what it could have been if you had chosen the other option. And that will drive you insane and make you have regrets for a long time.

You don’t want that.

So let’s get back to trusting your intuition. Here are some simple ways:

First of all, make sure no one else has anything to do with it. It’s your decision to make.

Then, gather all the information you have about both options and try to be realistic. Don’t take into consideration how you feel right now, or how much time you have left, or what others expect you to do. Keep it simple. Just straight facts.

Now imagine flipping a coin. Visualize the situation in details. Decide which option is heads and which tails. Now flip it. See what’s the result. And now’s the most important moment of this vision. How do you feel about it?

If you’re relieved, you want to do that. If you’re like ‘Okay, that’s what I’ll do then.’ but don’t feel satisfied on the inside, it’s not what you truly want.

Now, don’t actually flip a coin. This vision is more powerful and authentic that the exercise itself.

You just took a decision based on your deeper desire and listening to your gut. It’s up to you whether you’ll actually go and do it now.

Have you tried this approach? What other technique do you use to make sure you take the best decision? How do you deal when it turns out to be the wrong one?

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