Before you move onto making a big career move, you need to gather information and see if you really want this.

Some people spend years getting the best certification, trying to build a name for themselves and start making a decent income, just to realize that they aren’t truly passionate about it and want to give up.

The same goes for personal training. You may love fitness and work out regularly, but dedicating the rest of your life to start a career as a personal trainer is another thing. You need to give it some thought now and know it in your heart before you start investing your time, effort and focus.

The why in this case is more important than the how. As once you’ve taken the decision and are clear about what you want, nothing will stop you.

So if you’re in doubt, here are some reasons to become a personal trainer:

1. You’re already spending most of your time in the gym.

The most practical thing then would be to just start making money there and building your expertise. It won’t feel like work, you’ll be in an environment that feels comfortable and will be enjoying every minute of it.

2. You want to help others transform their bodies and lives.

It gives you true satisfaction to see other people’s transformations. You read about it, watch it in the gym and admire those who are consistent, while feeling bad about the ones who give up early on.

You want to encourage the latter, to let them know that it takes time but it’s worth it.

If you feel this way, it’s your mission to be a personal trainer and make a difference.

3. You want to keep improving your physique and learn more about fitness and nutrition.

You’re eager to keep doing what you love and taking it to the next level. A career in personal training can be the answer. You’re definitely not the type that would sit in an office from 9 to 5 and do something you don’t like.

You aren’t just active and excited when in the gym, but also when talking with other trainers about techniques and challenges, reading about muscle growth, exploring different natural supplements and experimenting with different diets and training programs.

All that will be your duty if you do get a job in the industry.

4. It’s rewarding.

You’ll consider yourself happy once you’re doing what you love for a living. What’s more, you’ll be changing people’s lives.

You’ll see some individuals that are unhealthy, in a bad shape and with no self-esteem turn into confident, active and good looking people ready to live life to the fullest. And it will be your reward as much as theirs.

5. You’re in excellent shape.

If that’s so, then you know how you got there and must be willing to share that with others who want to look like you.

6. You’ve created fitness programs for family and friends.

That’s a sign you enjoy helping them get in shape, are creative, know what works best for each individual and even have experience in personal training.

These can be your first clients, your portfolio and the ones who will support you and refer people to you.

7. You’re passionate about being fit and living a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone should follow their passion. And if you’ve found yours, you’re lucky. So many people are still without a direction and have no meaning in their days.

The best way to make that passion a permanent part of your life is to turn it into your career. So starting a job as a personal trainer – while having the opportunity to get better at what you do, charge more, train important people, have your own gym or brand one day – is the dream.

Now that you’re not in doubt anymore, what step will you take today to make that a reality?