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Search Engine Optimization is what rules the digital world today. There is no organization that does not involve the techniques of SEO to further their business endeavours.

If you need to get your business ideas on the floor and envision your business to chart humongous heights of success, you need to understand what SEO is, or at least rope in a professional to do the job for you.

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky affair and must be treated as an institution in itself. One cannot assume the role of an SEO expert without the right knowledge and training.

SEO involves not just framing the right content and using the right tools to optimize a webpage, but it also includes performing thorough research on what our competitors are up to.

Talking about competition research, it is not something that rings true only in the case of SEO. No matter what project you are handling, it is essential that you are well aware of your competitors’ intentions, strengths and weaknesses.

Without the knowledge of the ones we just mentioned, it could be quite an onerous task to understand what your target audience really wants and how to enhance their search experience.

We shall now try to understand why competition analysis serves to be of utmost significance, especially when it is SEO that we are talking about.

The Paramount Importance of Competition Analysis

We have spoken enough about the importance of competition analysis in the section, as mentioned above. However, here are a few points we have put together in a nutshell that will help you to get the idea better and keep them playing at the back of your head the next time you handle another project.

  • Competition analysis helps you understand the pulse of your target audience so that you know what content needs to be put out to gain their attention.
  • It helps you understand how potent specific keywords are and also helps you in selecting the niche for your website.
  • Competition analysis helps provide an insight into the loopholes of the top-ranking pages in the same niche so that you can design your website in order to be able to fill in those gaps.
  • Competition analysis also helps you understand how you could go about optimizing your website by looking into the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors and enables you to knock the other websites off their ranking on the SERPs.

With all this information, you can create superior quality content and design your website optimally, in a way that Google recognizes your website and ranks it immediately at a convenient spot.

Now that we have provided you with the skeleton of the uses of competition analysis, we shall move on to the depths of the topic to understand it better.

1. Helps in Checking for Unbeatable Rankings

The moot point of competition analysis is to understand whether the keywords that you would be targeting have a chance of making it to a decent rank on the SERPs or not.

You need to select a niche and target keywords that do not have much competition. And even if you are venturing into a niche that is much talked about and overused, you must be careful of the kind of keywords you would be concentrating on.

The process of competition analysis helps you check for unbeatable rankings, which further enables you to decide on a niche that does not seem challenging to rank for.

2. You Get an Idea of a Website’s Page Authority and Backlinks

Competition analysis provides you with all the information you require about the number of backlinks your competitor’s website has and the quality of those backlinks.

Backlinks are important criteria for Google to rank your website. The more backlinks you have, the greater will your website establish an authority. However, it is not always the number of backlinks that counts when it comes to having a site authority.

The quality of the backlinks matters too.

Google will, at once, elevate your website to a higher rank on its results when it finds that sites with high authority have themselves linked to your website. Backlinks provide credibility to a website.

Therefore, once you understand how strong your competitors are in the race of acquiring quality backlinks for their site, the greater advantage you shall be able to reap from the information.

You can try acquiring more backlinks for your website and outrank your competitors.

3. Allows You to Understand On-Page Optimization Factors 

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Competition analysis helps you understand if your competitors have a website that is fully optimized according to Google’s standards.

With the various tools that you have at your disposal, you can quickly run these websites that you are trying to outrank through a thorough check and try to locate the loopholes in the optimization.

Competition analysis allows you to understand whether your competing websites have the right on-page optimization factors or not, like the page title, meta description and target URL.

You can use all the information that you obtain from running an analysis with one of the SEO tools and use them to your advantage. For instance, if your competing website lacks in having the right H1 and H2 headlines, you can optimize your webpage to have them in the right places.

Competition analysis also helps you structure the content of your page in the most optimal ways possible. Content serves to be of prime importance in the structure of a website. 

In the light of the same, SEO and Link Building expert, Vadym Zyabkin of SERPninja says, “Links and content go hand in hand when you are trying to rank a website. You can’t just build guest posts and niche edits while having poor quality content and expect to rank. You will need great content to carry out outreach campaigns which work for you. I would highly recommend focusing on building high-quality content assets so that webmasters like your content and reciprocate with a link.”

Therefore, when you analyze other sites, you get a clear picture of how well-structured the content is. Following the analysis, you can pick the right keywords, add multimedia and use the correct sentences to frame the content on your website.


Competition analysis is an integral part of SEO, and there is no way one can miss out on it if it is an online success that we are aiming at here.

The techniques of SEO, when applied in the best ways possible yield amazing results. But, in order to apply these techniques, we need to perform a thorough competition analysis to understand the pulse of our competitors and what they are up to.

Therefore, before handling the next project, be sure to learn all that there is to competition analysis and use the information you obtain to your advantage.  

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