How to Improve Your Finances with Mobile Apps

Many of us are falling behind when it comes to managing our finances, and this results in debt and stress. And apps are often portrayed as just another waste of money, whether you’re paying to download games or paying for services that don’t add much to your life.

However, there are apps out there that can not only make it easier to manage your money effectively, but actually help you make money as well.

Let’s take a look at how you can improve your finances with mobile apps.

Budget Better

There are a number of apps out there to help you manage your money better. These apps can track your spending relative to the budget you set at the start of the month.

Now you know when you’re overspending and can cut back before you blow your budget. 

Many of these apps can analyse your spending and help you know where your money went in the first place. This can be an eye-opening experience.

The data can be the basis for your first budget, too, before you start cutting your spending in areas you didn’t realise consumed so much of your money.

Then you’ll be ahead of the half of the population that doesn’t budget and the majority of those who have no idea where their money goes.

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Keep Up with the Market

Forget tracking the news by watching TV on your lunch break. You can keep up with the market via various apps.

You could receive curated financial news and buy recommendations via an app. More importantly, you can act immediately based on that advice. 

Today more forex brokers offer a mobile trading app alongside their desktop or web platforms. You can also buy or sell stocks, cryptocurrency and whatever else you’d like to invest in through financial trading apps these days.

All you have to do is find one that you want to use as your trading platform. The right choice will depend on what you want to trade and the quality of the services and brokers it gives you access to.

Also, make sure that you pick one that offers a demo account. This is the best way to test the waters and try strategies.

Make sure that you take advantage of all the learning opportunities there are out there as well. There are tons of manuals and online courses you can follow, just make sure that they’re produced by proven traders with a verifiable track record.

Organise Your Life

There are apps you can use to organise your life better.

While this tends to focus on scheduling activities and appointments, these same apps should be used to remind you to pay bills and create a budget at the start of the month.

You can use apps that track to do lists to manage your financial affairs, as well. Be reminded to shop for cheaper insurance before the policy comes up for renewal or pay off your credit card balance before you’re hit with interest charges.

Set up a weekly reminder to balance your checking account and pay service providers.

Take Advantage of Money-Making Apps

Money making apps take a variety of forms. One real way to make money from apps is when you’re paid for taking surveys through the app.

This may lead to being paid for testing services, joining free trials, or checking store displays. Or you could get an incentive for sharing a social media link or retweeting something, since you’ve become an influencer for the brand.

Another option is using apps that give you cashback when you scan receipts or document what you have purchased.

These may be third party apps that provide cashback when you buy through various websites or from different vendors, or it may be a customer loyalty program that gives you perks or discounts on the next purchase.

Another legitimate type of money-making app is one that helps you sell stuff you own on an online marketplace.

There are even apps that allow you to get paid to take photos. Foap, for instance, will connect you with people who will pay for your pictures.

These will usually be marketing and advertising agencies. Your photos will be rated by the community, and the better your photos are rated, the more visibility you’ll get. 

Another interesting app that will allow you to make some extra money on the side is Slidejoy. The concept behind this app is actually pretty ingenious.

The app will literally pay for your locked screen. But specifically, Slidejoy broadcasts ads to users when their screens are locked. The best part is that you don’t even have to engage the ads to make money, so this is a nice way to earn some passive income.

You can use apps to save money, avoid unnecessary fees, and even earn money. This is true whether you are an avid shopper or just want to get a handle on your finances.

Apps can make it easier to manage your money effectively. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your finances with mobile apps. #moneymakingapps #manageyourmoney #budgeting #financialplanning #moneytips #getoutofdebt