How Corbett Barr Built Fizzle (and The Business Model That Works Every Time)

Corbett Barr is the co-founder and CEO of Fizzle. He’s all about doing work that matters and living a fulfilling life because of that. is his biggest project. That’s not just a blog and podcast with more than 2 million visitors monthly, but a whole community of aspiring entrepreneurs, where people find support and accountability and can join mastermind groups. It’s also a learning platform that offers – as they say – ‘courses featuring big name experts for bloggers, podcasters, freelancers and independent entrepreneurs of all kinds.’

If you’ve never checked Fizzle out, it’s worth spending some time on the site and seeing all that it offers. The least you can do it read a few articles, listen to a podcast episode (they’ve got over 200 now), and download a free guide on anything online business and entrepreneurship related.

But now, I want to talk about how Corbett Barr got where he is today.

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