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There’s never been a better time to start a digital product business, and 1 course can be all you need.

Your signature program can bring in even 80% of your revenue and you can reach any income goal solely thanks to a transformational program which you sell over and over again.

So, let’s get started on your journey to becoming a course creator.

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Start by learning what a signature course is, why you need it, and what elements go into creating a program (and offer!) so good it sells itself. 

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On the show, we talk about having more freedom and income than you know what to do with, creating digital products that people love, and making offers that sell themselves, all while serving your purpose and living your best life.

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The course creator's journey


Define your niche and ideal client, choose your main platforms and create your content marketing strategy.

email list

Set up an email list, create a magnetic lead magnet, and start getting subscribers and growing your audience with people interested in what you teach.

the offer

Nail all key elements of an offer so your launch can be a success (such as your course name, framework, guarantee, pricing, bonuses, etc.)

sales page

Write and design a sales page for your high-value offer that makes your ideal students say ‘HELL YES, I’M IN!’

beta launch

Warm up your audience with strategic content before the launch, prepare your email and social media copy, and execute your first launch to welcome your beta students.

course creation

Once you’ve created your offer, validated the idea and got the first students in thanks to the presale, it’s time to move onto creating your signature program.

Need help with all this? I got you...

introducing my signature program for course creators

Bold Business School

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A program to help you create not just a course, but a dream offer and a digital product business set up for unlimited profit and freedom