Your Course Sales Page + Final Offer Decisions [High-Value Offers Audiobook, Part 10]

Welcome to the audiobook experience of my book High-Value Offers: How to Create Desire and Turn Your Course Idea into The Dream Offer for Your Ideal Student.

In this part, we’ll talk about what to include on the sales page of your online course and how to organize the different elements. You’ll also get a sales page template. In addition, we’ll cover a few decisions that need to be made about your digital product business related to having one offer vs multiple ones, evergreen courses, and the ascension business model. 

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Your Sales Page Template

  • Bold Statement
  • Does any of this resonate with you?
  • I’ve been there…
  • Your story
  • Imagine if your reality could look like this…
  • Introducing the product
  • Let’s take a look inside the program
  • Button
  • Testimonial
  • I heard you like bonuses
  • Total value of bonuses
  • Button
  • Testimonial(s)
  • About me
  • Guarantee
  • FAQ
  • Testimonial(s)
  • Closing letter
  • Button

The Bold Statement

After the title and subtitle of your course (and maybe a visual on top, depending on how you want to design the page), I like to include what I call a bold statement.

That’s one or two sentences that grab attention. You can use a big font. This is the first thing people will see and it will evoke emotions in some way. I usually use a ‘what if’ sentence that challenges the reader and makes them imagine something wild and believe it’s possible.

Here are examples from my different courses:

You don’t need to spend another minute creating content that’s not aligned with your soul! [Fearless Content]

It’s time to stop doing 95% of the activities and focus on the 5% that can actually GROW your blog. [Blog Audit]

What if brands were pitching you on a daily basis, you get paid in advance, make all the rules, don’t sell yourself short, keep providing value to your audience, and earn a few thousand dollars a month on top of your current blog income? That’s what blog sponsorships can do for you. [Blog Sponsorship Boss]

What if changing your relationship with money was the key to unlocking unlimited wealth and abundance in your life and business? [Money Magic]

What if you could earn an extra $1,000 every month while at your full-time job? [$1K Blogger]

Your blog has more earning potential than you think and it’s high time you tapped into it. [Blog Income Boost]

What if you could stop wondering how to monetize your blog, what lead magnets to offer to grow your list and what to email your subscribers? [Blog Income Toolkit]

Does any of this resonate with you?

Next is a section that could be titled something like ‘Does any of this resonate with you?’. Here you can include the biggest struggles of your ideal student, what they crave the most, or both. You wrote these down already so now is the time to finalize these paragraphs and add them to your sales page.

I’ve been there…

What follows is your story and it starts with ‘I’ve been there…’ or something similar. This is where you show people you’ve struggled with the exact same things, you understand where they are coming from and know exactly how this reality feels like. 

You give the proof we talked about – your story in a way that resonates with your ideal student, using their language and describing how you got to where you are. You build credibility and use yourself as the best case study for what you’re about to show them soon.

Imagine if your reality could look like this…

This section is optional. In it, you describe their ideal outcome in detail, you make them feel the way they will feel then, you make them crave that reality and believe it’s possible.

Introducing the product

This can be with a title, image of the product (ideally, one that shows what’s inside) and a few short paragraphs summarizing what the course is about and what it will help them achieve.

Here’s how I described my program Money Magic:

‘Money Magic is a 3-day workshop for anyone who struggles to attract, keep, manage or enjoy money.

It will help you change the way you look at money, uncover and re-frame limiting beliefs, and welcome abundance in your life.

Get ready to go from anxious when managing your money or even looking at your bank accounts to feeling empowered and in control.

You’ll also learn about the money codes – the principles that are always in motion and how to play with them so we can attract more prosperity in our life.

We’ll finish with wealth practices and abundance rituals that you can do every morning, weekly or monthly, and others can even be practiced every minute of every day so you can stay into the high-vibe energy that attracts money instead of the one that repels it.’

Let’s take a look inside the program

From here on, the order of the next sections can be pretty much anything. You can include your first button now, or first show them what is inside the program (all the modules and what you teach inside each). You can sprinkle testimonials anywhere on your page. 

Bonuses + their value

Next, it’s time to introduce the bonuses. Have a title for that part, maybe include an image for each bonus, describe it in one short paragraph and add its monetary value.

At the end, state how much all bonus materials would cost and add another button.


What objections do you want to tackle on your sales page?

This is where I include some text to show people all this is possible for them too, that they do have the time and skills to get it all done, that the price doesn’t mean anything compared to the lifelong return on investment or what they are immediately gonna gain as a result of the course, and so on.

About you + guarantee + FAQ

Then comes the shorter About you section, the guarantee and the frequently asked questions. All that can be followed by another testimonial. 

Closing letter

Before the final buy-now button you can include a closing letter. That’s a final note from you, one last powerful message, your encouragement. It’s your chance to say that it’s time to decide now and it’s their turn to take action and do something about their life. I also like to include a photo of me there to make it more personal.

Other sections you can include on your sales page

  • Who it’s for + who it’s not for.
  • Your life before the program vs your life after.
  • How this works (show what happens when they purchase the course or how to get access to the content).
  • Paragraphs to meet specific objections such as: What if it doesn’t work for me?; What if I don’t like it?; What if I’m new to business?; What if I don’t have an audience?; Why should I trust you?; What if I don’t know my niche?; What if I don’t get results?; I don’t have time for a course.; This is too expensive.

Now it’s time to get to work and create your sales page. If anything feels overwhelming, give it a few days. 

Create the initial draft, then forget about it and come back to it later that week. Maybe you’ll see things from a different perspective and will make some changes.

Go for a short one if you aren’t sure about some sections. You can always update it with more details later on.

If you’re wondering what to include, here’s a template:

  • Does any of this resonate with you?
  • I’ve been there + Your story
  • Introducing the product
  • Let’s take a look inside the program
  • Button
  • Bonuses
  • Testimonial
  • About me
  • Guarantee
  • FAQ
  • Button

A shorter sales page is ideal for your beta launch (selling the course before it’s created), a smaller offer, or the first or second version of your main program’s sales page (before you become more confident selling it and enhance your offer).

Learn what to include on the sales page of your online course and how to organize the different elements on it + get a course sales page template: