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Google Calendar is a powerful tool capable of reaping rich rewards for both individuals and businesses as a whole.

Organization is one of the most important qualities of a business and it is also a vital characteristic for an individual to possess if they wish to be successful.

Advancements made in technology and software have made it possible to become more and more organized and in-sync with your fellow coworkers and business partners, and Google Calendar is one of the most useful and widely-used tools in the modern era for this purpose.

Below are some of the best tips and practices that will help you get the most out of Google Calendar and boost your productivity and organization.

1. Finding the right time that works for everyone.

google calendar hack

Setting a time to hold important meetings or discussions can be difficult when everyone has so much on their plate.

With Google Calendar, you can check not only your free dates in the future but also those of your coworkers, helping you to find the perfect time for everyone and avoid clashing dates.

2. Customize your calendar view.

Everyone has specific habits and types that work for them, and this is no different when it comes to planning an organization. Google Calendar allows you to customize the view so it fits just right, including altering the number of days that will show on your calendar.

You can click and drag the date range or choose the number of days to show in the custom view menu.

3. Don’t worry about being offline.

If you find staying connected throughout the day a struggle, you need not worry anymore.

You can continue to update your calendar if you’re without internet access and it will automatically update everything you have done as soon as you get connected.

4. Quick Add to save time.

quick add

Busy professionals can use the Quick Add function to save time, especially if you’re adding multiple inputs at once. This function allows you to simply type in your event details and it will do everything else for you.

5. Event Notifications to your phone.

Handheld smartphones are becoming an increasingly powerful weapon in any professional’s arsenal.

Google Calendar allows instant updates on your phone so you can stay in the loop when you’re away from your desk. This is especially helpful if you don’t have the Google Calendar app installed on your device.

6. Countdown clock for meetings.

google calendar for meetings

Those who find it tough to stay on schedule will find the countdown clock invaluable.

This little icon appears on your calendar and gives you a countdown to keep you on track, vital for those with time-keeping problems or with unreliable memories. It is one of the best Google Calendar Labs add-ons.

7. Plan for the weather.

This tool also allows you to incorporate the weather into your schedule.

In the Settings menu, you can choose to display weather icons on your calendar, important if you’re a regular traveler or holding events and meetings outdoors.

8. Keep in sync with your colleagues.

google free or busy

Another great function of Google Calendar Labs is to be able to see which of your colleagues are free or busy at particular times.

This is helpful for larger companies where you may not all be working in the same room.

This requires employees to share calendars for it to work effectively.

9. Trim and Customize your hours.

In order to trim down your calendar and keep it tidy, you can customize which hours to show and which to omit.

For example, if you’re never going to be working in the early hours of the morning, you can remove these from your calendar.

10. Time around the world.

Professionals working on a global scale will value the ability to keep track of time in different time-zones. This makes it much easier for you to plan meetings with colleagues and clients across the world.

11. Appointment slots.

appointment slots

The ability to send out appointment slots to colleagues and clients is invaluable if you’re a busy people-person.

This function allows you to show exactly what times you are available at to make it far easier for both parties to arrive at a suitable time.

You can see the rest of the Google Calendar hacks at GetVoIP’s site. Google is always updating and adding features, so be sure to stay in the loop keep aware of all of the new changes.

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Looking to increase productivity using Google Calendar? Here are some Google Calendar tips and tricks to get more done. These organization tips will help you make the most of the productivity tool.