Maximizing efficiency in every area of life – be it personal or work-related – has always been a goal of ours. And productivity in the workplace is no exception.

We achieve much more if we’re more effective, get things done faster, work smarter rather than harder, prioritize, focus more easily, develop the right mindset to work without interruptions and even enjoy our work, and never experience burnout, lack of motivation, boredom, or else.

If you too want to stand out in the workplace, increase your chances of promotion, get more done and even work on a side project, stay active and feel fresh throughout the whole work day, here are some tips:

1. Single-task.

Doing one thing at a time is what can help you do your job better and faster.

Our minds just aren’t programmed to do many things at once. That’s why multitasking usually leads to investing more time and energy into our work, but not being satisfied with the results and not seeing any progress.

As for the tools and systems you’re already using at work, simplify those too. Most software for organizing projects is quite complex.

So go with a project management software that lets the entire team collaborate and gives you an instant access to the latest project schedules via the Web. In the long-term, it can even save you money.

2. Kickstart your morning.

How you start your day defines how it goes. So if you have an energetic, productive morning, then you’ll build the momentum and will be getting things done till the end of the workday without feeling exhausted.

Wake up earlier for a start so that you’ll have enough time for all that. Then, dedicate that extra time to some positive, healthy, creative and successful activities that will get you in the mood.

Have a quick workout, meditate to clear your mind, visualize your goals, write down a few things that will make today great, create your to-do list, prepare for going out.

All these mini habits, when combined, turn into a powerful ritual that will guarantee your optimum performance at work.

3. Take control of your schedule.

Time management skills are crucial if you want to double productivity in the workplace.

Start with the basics, like analyzing how you’re already spending your time daily and seeing which activities bring you the best results. Then, eliminate some of the rest and focus more on these.

Once you feel comfortable with that and it becomes a habit, start prioritizing.

When writing down your tasks for the day, define the most important ones, put them on top, and start with them first thing in the morning.

That’s how you move forward and feel accomplished by noon, which motivates you to keep working on the rest of the list.

To take things to the next level in terms of time management and efficiency, use a time & attendance software. It’s made for employees and lets them view schedules and previous hours worked, request shift swaps and time off directly from there, and wait for approval from managers.

That saves a lot of time and worries, there’s no real need for meetings and unnecessary communication, as these can often become a distraction from your actual work.

4. Complete quick tasks right away.

Whenever something comes up that takes 5 minutes or less, just do it.

If you schedule it for later, you may procrastinate, forget, or else. And in a day or a few, there will be many more tasks like these and you’ll get overwhelmed.

Don’t let that happen. Increase productivity in the workplace by making this simple change in the way you do your job – just get done the things that take no time immediately.

5. Take regular breaks.

If you don’t turn your mind off after a period of focused work and engage it in something else, you’ll lose concentration and will lower your productivity levels.

For best results, work in 25-minute intervals and take a 5-minute break after that.

That’s the so-called Pomodoro technique. But you can also turn that into 90-minute intervals in which you’ll get a lot done, and then unplug and do something else for half an hour or so.

6. Create a friendly environment.

What you look at while you work, the place you’re at, the people, the atmosphere – all these affect your performance more than you think. So improve it and let your environment breed success and productivity in the workplace.

First, declutter. Organize your desk, find a place for everything, keep it clean. Add plants, inspirational images or quotes around you. Get a comfortable chair, maybe even a standing desk.

Then, improve your relationship with your colleagues. Connect on a personal level, do favors, share ideas, show respect, be the most positive person in the office, and be polite too.

People are part of your environment, and it’s much better for your mental health and work performance to keep it friendly.

7. Be a learner.

Always seek guidance and support. Read stuff connected to your field daily.

You can utilize various resources on the internet to continuously learn new things. Higher-learning institutions offer various courses that you can take up right at home, you can enroll in online degrees, without the need to move into the state itself.

Stay up-to-date so that you can discuss these topics with influential people when the right time comes.

Try new approaches to the way you do what you do. Experiment with different productivity techniques, healthy habits, energy boosters, stress relievers, etc.

There are plenty of things you can start doing to make sure you boost productivity in the workplace and become an employee the company can’t go without. Just focus on getting 1% better daily.

Productivity in the workplace can be boosted by making some small changes in the way you do what you do. Check them out: #productivity #productivitytips