The pomodoro technique is this simple but powerful productivity method that can transform the way you work.

As you may know, I’m a fan of getting things done and believe we can all find easy ways to work smarter and develop a mindset that overcomes procrastination and doubts every time they try to get in the way.

Now, I’ll go through one simple time management and productivity exercise that can help us all achieve results faster.

What’s The Pomodoro Technique and How Does It Work?

The pomodoro technique is created to help you stay focused and productive by working in short sprints, after which you take a break.

The process is really simple and it’s proven to have multiple benefits. Whenever you need to work on a task or project, you use a timer to break it into intervals of 25-minute periods of focused work, followed by a 5-minute break.

When you’ve completed 4 such consecutive sequences, you rest longer – up to 30 minutes.

So many people try complex productivity systems or buy expensive tools. But as it often happens in life, the answers lie in the simplest of methods.

If you struggle with concentrating when getting to work on a task, if you always end up procrastinating, can’t seem to find the perfect way to structure your work day, and don’t feel like you’re getting much done, you must give the pomodoro technique a try.

 How Did The Pomodoro Technique Get Its Name?

It was invested by Francesco Cirillo, an Italian businessman and author, in the late 80s when he was a student.

In Italian, pomodoro means tomato. He named the tool this way as he used a tomato-shaped timer to track the intervals. What’s more, he called each 25-minute period of time a pomodoro.

He needed to find focus more easily at university and to be more efficient when studying. So he thought of using such a timer and break down each activity. What worked best was to stay concentrated for 25 minutes, then relax or do something else for the next 5.

That helped him stay in the zone until each activity was completed successfully, but the pomodoro technique also turned out to improve mental agility.

The Benefits of The Pomodoro Technique

Here are the real benefits you’ll see once you make that system a daily practice:

  • anyone can apply it;
  • results come fast;
  • keeps your mind fresh;
  • you take frequent breaks and never get exhausted, physically, mentally or emotionally;
  • you are present;
  • you ignore distractions and focus on the one task in front of you;
  • you get better at managing your time and meeting deadlines;
  • you stay on schedule;
  • you build discipline;
  • you overcome resistance and procrastination;
  • you learn how to break big projects down into manageable steps;
  • your mental health improves;
  • you become accountable;

The hidden benefits of using the pomodoro technique really go beyond expectations.

It’s flexible, it’s easy, it lets you take breaks often and keeps you focused and productive. If you give it a try, you’ll love it in no time.

So, what do you think about the pomodoro technique? What other time management methods are you a fan of?