You may think of a massage as a luxury only for the most successful CEOs.

But the reality is, whatever kind of job you work, a daily massage can do you a lot of good. It feels great, and comes with many health benefits.

But, just as important, it helps with productivity and improves your work life in some unexpected ways.

If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to incorporate a massage into your daily routine, look no further!

Massages Relieve Stress Which Helps Prevent Burnout

The most obvious way that a daily massage can help you in your workload, is by relieving stress.

We carry stress in different ways, and in different parts of the body.

An inactive lifestyle, such as an office job with a lot of deadlines can lead to a lot of time sitting at a computer.

Ergonomics can only do so much. Regular massage relieves muscle tension that builds up in your shoulder and back when you spend hours a day at a desk.

Say Goodbye to Tension Headaches

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Another risk to an office job is tension headaches brought on by eye strain, or a buildup of stress.

Hours spent at a computer, or reading through documents is a major source of eyestrain, and that can lead to tension headaches.

You may also find that stress or lack of sleep can cause tension headaches too.

If you find yourself on a deadline, you might benefit from a face and neck massage.

Facial massage techniques can help you relieve headaches in your neck and temples.

Getting more sleep will also help you lessen tension headaches.

Massages Can Help With Insomnia

Because massage is good for relaxing, it can also help if you struggle with stress-related insomnia.

Regular massage can help relax your body, help with meditation, and also with sleep in general.

A good night’s sleep does wonders for your energy levels and is a good productivity hack.

It helps with tension headaches, mental acuity, and even helps regulate your appetite, which means less mental fog around lunchtime, and you’re less likely to take breaks!

They Can Help Prevent Repetitive Stress Disorders

Repetitive stress disorder is a difficult and painful problem in many professions.

Hair stylists, whose work depends on repetitive motion, secretaries who do a lot of typing, even some factory workers… any job which requires repetitive motion carries the risk of disorders like Carpal Tunnel.

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel may include ongoing physiotherapy, painful and invasive surgery, or some combination of both.

Regular hand massages can help alleviate pressure that causes repetitive stress disorders, and help you stay flexible and comfortable, rather than undergoing painful procedures.

Massage Lowers Your Blood Pressure

You may not realize the strain that pressure and repetitive motion have on your body. Especially if you work an office job.

Studies show the more time you spend sitting at your job, the more likely you are to develop the conditions that lead to heart conditions later on, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

Because your blood pressure is exacerbated by stress, regular time in a massage chair helps keep your heart healthy and strong, by keeping your blood pressure down.

They Help With Mental Focus and Acuity

Massages also help to clear your mental cobwebs. Even 15 minutes a day can help you with complex mental problems, and alertness.

Being able to stay focused at work while avoiding the caffeine crash that comes with a cup of coffee is bound to increase productivity.

And as anyone who practices meditation knows, there’s nothing like the creative spark that comes with deep relaxation techniques.

Spending time getting a massage is good for your mental health, but also good for your brain power!

How To Get In Your Daily Massage

Now that you’ve seen the benefits, how do you get your daily massage in, without compromising your busy work schedule?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Scheduling time at a massage parlor is a nice option, but for some of us, not too practical.

Instead, try one of the following:

Learn to Self-Massage

Certain massages, like your hands and face, you can learn to perform on yourself.

These can be just as effective for relieving headaches and releasing pressure leading to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Invest in a Massager

Handheld electric massagers are great in a pinch, as long as you know how to use them. They’re good for the shoulders, back, and sometimes even the joints in the hips.

If you find you’ve got trouble spots you can’t reach on your own, they might be the best option for you.

Try The Right Chair

A massage chair is a great option if you want a daily massage without the hassle.

They range in price, and you may need to do a bit of research to find the right one. But for regular full-body massages that can keep you relaxed and able to sleep no matter the stress, it’s the best thing for you.

Make It Romantic

There’s nothing nicer than a backrub from the one you love! Help each other out with a massage after work, or before bedtime.

It’s a great way to bond, and studies show that it goes even further to increase endorphins and keep you healthy!

However you choose to do it, getting a daily massage, from a chair, a partner, or at a massage parlor, will undoubtedly increase your productivity, happiness, and comfort at work!

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