Planning event transport for your guests relieves you and them from the stress.

Business guests arrive daily at airports. Strangers worry about locations and timeliness. Families return from long trips. Family and friends need round trips to concerts, sports events, and proms. And, bachelors, bachelorettes, and wedding parties need a safe carriage to weddings, receptions, and departures.

Trusted event transportation services make a real difference.

Making your guests comfortable will make an impressive convenience.

Keeping them safe is your duty.

Your business may pick up scores of people from the airport. There may be an important wedding anniversary, birthday, or graduation celebration with dozens invited to a special destination.

You and friends may want a round trip to a college football game or pro-baseball game. Or, perhaps, you’re responsible for an unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party—when nobody should be driving!

Event Transport 101: Making Transportation a Quality Experience

1. Budget

Bridal Guide recommends, “Consider the cost per hour, the price of mileage and the distance involved from one point to another when booking your contract.”

While most event transportation providers charge for minimal hours, the price may also depend on your expected mileage and the type of vehicle.  

It all starts with your budget for event transport.

Weddings, for example, can be complicated. You will need the transportation at the bride’s home at a certain time.

It will typically carry the bride’s parents and bridal attendants to the wedding location. It will, then, transport the bride and groom from wedding to reception and, then, to the hotel. 

Obviously, there is the risk of running up the hours so you need a clear understanding of the budget impact.

More weddings are including large wedding parties so they require larger vehicles with more supplies.

Some rent vehicles for special guests like grandparents or disabled people. And, many are taking responsibility for guests to and from local hotels.

It can all add up so you need a provider willing to sit with you to work out an affordable plan.

2. Suitability

If you haven’t used a rental company, you should personally check the vehicles offered. You must see it to believe it, checking on size, passenger numbers, and comfort features.

For instance, a charter bus might seat over fifty people and include features like complimentary Wifi, media connections, multiple large screen TVs, reclining comfortable seats, onboard restroom, and more.

Still, a party bus might serve 36 celebrators with soft leather couch seating, mirrored stargazer ceiling, recessed opera lighting with laser and strobe effects, custom stereo sound with iPod/M3 Player compatibility, and DVD screens. 

These buses are an excellent choice for long distance trips, for business conventions, and for events hosting large numbers of people.

One group of professional football fans used a bus to make the roundtrip from their state to another for the game, a long drive no one wanted to make, let alone without the social life the bus offered.

Shorter buses and customized SUVs take people on winery and brewery tours. And, stretch limousines and custom sedans transport business people, dating couples, and funeral guests.

In all cases, you want to see what you are getting in terms of event transport to confirm the size and amenities.

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3. References

The Better Business Bureau recommends two checks.

First, a reputable transportation provider will have references. You should check them for testimonials on quality, safety, and valid licensing for company and drivers.

You can also browse social media for performance reviews

You’ll want the confidence the drivers will be on time, the vehicles will be clean, and the event transportation service will be as promised.

Second, you should examine the proof of their vehicle and liability insurance.

A stretch limousine or larger will carry more passengers than the average vehicle so the insurance must be adequate for that potential extra liability. 

4. Drivers

Vehicle operators deserve some attention, too. They deserve detailed plans on locations, times, and passengers.

If they get lost, you don’t want it to be your fault. But, you may want to confirm the driver is trained to manage a loud group of partiers.

Drivers should dress appropriately. Unless regional customs permit casual or local dress, drivers traditionally wear dark suits as their livery.

Bus drivers may dress a little more comfortable, but their appearance must be on the conservative side and appropriate to the event.

5. Booking

Employers will stick with the same fleet provider to retain their services even on short notice.

They must be free to call on the spur of the moment to secure a vehicle and driver for an unexpected arrival.

But, if you want a vehicle for a special event, you should reserve 12 to 18 months early. You might check now to see what advance notice local livery services expect.

6. Boundaries

Plush party bosses are parties on the road. They invite bachelors and bachelorettes to relax and enjoy themselves.

But, from the driver’s perspective, party buses are not an invitation to overdo. There is potential for physical damage to the floors, upholstery, electronics, and lighting. 

You should establish and share some reasonable rules for your guests because you may be responsible for damages.

It’s good to have a responsible passenger to control drinks, music, and behaviors.

You may also benefit from a guest list with names and cellphone numbers in case someone gets “lost.”

7. Planning 

The next one of our event transport tips is that plans for weddings, funerals, concerts, and so on, must include time, routes, destinations, and passengers.

These instructions should be legible and error-free. You can’t expect GPS to handle everything.

If a bachelor party wants to hit several places in and around Houston, for example, someone must manage the timeline and behaviors. You may need a designated party host to keep track of people and plans.

Comfortable, stress-free, and reliable

When you rent a vehicle for special events, you must shop well, plan ahead, verify the provider, and provide guidance for drivers and guests.

So much of your guests’ comfort and safety depend on your selection, but if executed poorly, it may be their only memory of your kindness.

Follow the best practices for event transport above and you’re sure to amaze your guests and keep them safe.