Potential. All people talk about today is unlocking the potential to start accomplishing amazing things every day.

If you like to spend a lot of time on the couch, it is very likely that some people told you that you are wasting your true potential for nothing. Or maybe even that you have none of it.

Do not be discouraged because not so many people really know what potential is.

Maybe not a single person that has told you these things is among those who do. Moreover, even fewer people understand how to determine the potential and use it to change one’s life for the better.

Perhaps there is only one right thing that was told by those who said you were wasting your potential: it does change your life.

It helps you to realize what you can be good at and who you can become when trained. Sounds interesting? Let’s forget about the couch for a little while and try to work on your potential.

Personal Potential

Maybe you’ve heard a million of definitions of this, but let’s review the one that is correct. There are three specific areas described by it, and all of them are very important.

Area #1: The tasks and activities you can be great at.

You can be great at making new friends, playing video games, doing the math, basketball, and many other things.

Area #2: The person you can be.

Think of the professions you can get with your skills.

Know how to play video games? Do it for money! The salaries of professional gamers now exceed $100,000.

Area#3: Possible achievements.

Wealth, recognition, satisfaction, awards, new friends, impact on others.

Everyone Has Potential Within

If you avoided determining the three areas described above, consider rethinking this decision.

Why? Because all of us have been provided with the foundation for greatness and we just need to find how to use it for our benefit.

Look at your friends: some of them are great at making jokes, and others cook well. The point here is that everyone has talents but the ways of using them surely differ.

Thomas Edison’s saying is perfect to use here. He said that if we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. He was totally and completely right about this because your potential is not limited to one or two areas in life.

How to determine it?

This task is actually a complex one and requires a lot of consideration to be done right.

First and foremost, be serious about it because disregarding attitude will ruin everything we have achieved so far. Then, think about the things that come to you naturally while others struggle with them.

Consider this example.

One of the greatest players in NBA history, Larry Bird, grew up in rural Indiana, in a town of French Lick that was considered to be one of the poorest in the state. His family had many children and the parents worked several jobs to provide the food.

Bird decided to live like everybody else and did not shoot for the stars because he got a job painting sidewalks in the town. However, when he took a ball in his hands, he realized that the ability to make amazing plays was so easy and decided to change the career path.

Now, he is considered one of the greatest in this sport, with numerous awards and championships.

Seek what you can be good at. Try again if you don’t succeed because everyone has it. Remember that you can improve this world with your talents and enjoy it.

What to look for

The clues are actually all around you: in your past and present.

Earlier, you loved some things that you abandoned because you grew up or changed your viewpoints. Recall them.

Now, you are dreaming about living a good life and doing certain things. These dreams should also be considered. You will find the clues to your hidden talents and abilities in them.

Don’t forget about things that are easy for you.

You may ask yourself the following questions to speed up the process:

Whether you are keen on rushing around looking after everybody else or sitting in a cozy armchair and writing papers, you are already worth of being your own man.

Additional Motivation

If you need additional motivation, tons of resources are there to help you discover your potential, including books, movies, and even YouTube videos.

For example, great examples of motivational books are Courage and Calling: Embracing Your God-Given Potential, and Scenery Posters: Potential. They describe how people should determine their abilities and talents and make a difference in their lives, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Next, some examples of inspirational movies would be good for you as well: The Potential Inside, Stand and Deliver, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Over to you!

Knowing yourself, why you are here, who you are, and what your talents are, is a powerful tool in finding the true potential and succeeding in life. These provide the needed boost to your career.

Do you realize that by reading this article you know more about unlocking the potential than 30 percent of people of Earth?

This is amazing considering that you spent less than ten minutes reading, right?

Find your potential and unlock it with these great tips. Remember, you won’t find anything good just lying on the couch.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Scott Ragin, a passionate blogger who loves guiding other people through their daily routine.