It’s safe to say that running an online business can be hard work.

Most of the time, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. The inbox list of things to do just doesn’t seem to go down.

However, there’s one great way to move forward that could change the way you work forever. Apps.

You know what they say, there’s an app for everything. And there truly is.

To get you started, here are 20 productivity apps that can help you with running your online business as well as making you more productive throughout your days:

1. Skype

Let’s start with an easy must-have. Skype lets you video call people around the world, make phone calls, share documents. In short, it’s an essential communication platform.

2. Trello

Trello is the ultimate collaboration and team management tool. This software allows you to create easy to follow to do lists, campaign management boards and more. It works across devices, and everybody can get involved.

3. Todoist

One of the leading to-do list tools, the Todoist is perfect for creating your own to-do lists.

There are goals, milestones and achievements, all designed to help you stay on track to achieving your goals and targets.

4. Evernote

No list of business resources would be complete without Evernote.

This highly-adaptable tool that can sync across all your devices is ideal for creating to-do lists, notes and project ideas. All your team members can also collaborate on the same files.

5. You Need a Budget

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Monitoring, tracking and analyzing your finances is such an important part of the business. A good business will track every single penny to see where it goes to make sure everything is perfect.

Commonly abbreviated to YNAB, this tool makes this easy.

6. Big Assignments

If you’re looking for content for your content marketing strategy, but you simply can’t find the time, why not use an academic writing service such as this one?

Big Assignments is home to a wealth of professional writers who can create content on your behalf.

7. Google Drive

With free and paid options available, Google Drive is a great place to store your document in the cloud so they can be easily accessed by the rest of your team. It’s also handy, and essential, to have the backup!

8. Upwork

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If you’re in need of anything from a logo, an article, website content or basically anything to do with your business, Upwork makes it easy for you to find the right person for the job.

9. State of Writing

When writing your content, whether it’s for your marketing campaign, copy for your website or even just writing emails to people, use this website for the most up to date writing guides so you can write the best you can.

Besides, check the similar website with helpful writing guides at My Writing Way.

10. Slack

Similar to Skype, Slack is the ultimate team communication tool. Using this platform, you can easily set goals and targets as well as being in constant contact with everything that everybody is doing. This ensures that everybody is on the same page and every task is covered.

11. Dropbox

If you’re looking for cloud storage where all your team will be able to access everything they need at all times, why not check out the leading cloud storage platform of Dropbox. There are free and paid options available.

12. Resumention

If you’re in need of editing and proofreading services, the professional writers here at Resumention are here to help. Simply upload your content, and they’ll read it while editing it to perfection.

13. Gmail

One of the leading email clients, Gmail is simple and free to use. It comes packed with a ton of features you can use to better communicate with your team, partners, customers and more!

14. McAfee

When protecting your own computer systems and networks, or even your website, use McAfee, one of the leading computer protection services in the world.

15. MailChimp

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If you’ve got a small business, the chances are that you’ve heard of MailChimp.

With this software, you’ll be able to manage all of your email marketing campaigns with real-time statistics only a click-away. You can create email templates and connect it to leading web platform, such as Shopify.

16. Elite Assignment Help

Another academic writing service to enter my list, this website does it all.

Whether you’re looking for proofreading, editing or even if you’re in need of content to be written from scratch, Elite Assignment Help does it all.

17. Hootsuite

This powerful social media tool is ideal for monitoring everything that happens on your social media accounts, all from one easy to use dashboard.

18. Airbnb

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If you’re looking to travel away for work, whether on assignment or even to meet up with your remote team, check out Airbnb for cheap accommodation that has a lot more style and character than a hotel. This ensures your trip is entertaining and productive.

19. VPN Unlimited

This essential tool gives you security no matter where you are, what devices you’re using, or regardless of what Wi-Fi connection you are connected to.

All your data becomes encrypted to stop hackers gaining access to your sensitive business information with VPN Unlimited.

20. Campaign Monitor

If you’re looking for complete control over your marketing campaign, Campaign Monitor is the tool for you.

Designed with online businesses in mind, you can take full control over your email marketing campaigns and more! It’s everything you need in one tidy package.

Final Thoughts

Running an online business doesn’t need to be a challenge or a struggle. Using the tools above, you can easily refine the way you work daily. This allows you to make the most of every hour, enabling you to achieve your targets and reach your goals.

About The Author

This article was written by Sharon Conwell, a content marketer and ghost writer.