Top 7 Productivity Apps You Must Include in Your Daily Routine

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Are you a technology freak or it’s all right for you to grow at your own pace even if the world is advancing every single minute?

Those who are finding their connection with the former part of both of these sentences are those who care for their personal growth.

Well, it is not the same world today that it was a few years back. Things are changing dramatically in today’s ever-evolving world, which is a sign that we must grow in accordance.

When it comes to growth, the dimension can be as broader as human’s way of perceiving similar things differently. And when I talk about growth it has got everything to do with your personal, professional, and even spiritual needs.

The present generation of home sapiens is the smartest one. They have the luxury to grow in a world where services are available at just a click on the mouse. Why not take this luxury along on the path of personal growth and be better each day than yesterday?

If these words appeal to you, I welcome your attention to a list that has the names of the most trusted, super exciting, globally popular, and some superficially efficient apps that the present generation swears by.   

The best news about today’s youth is they have the vision to work beyond their limits. It is possible only when your soul, body, and mind is aligned together.

Your frequency needs to be at the receiving end to welcome a new productive version of you. And this is possible only by using some of the best productivity apps.

Yes! There are productivity apps that can help you grow enormously in your personal and professional life. Being more productive is merely one of the benefits of a thousand others that come along while using these applications.

Care to know about top productivity apps that could bring growth, productivity, as well as efficiency in your daily life? Here comes the list.

Top Productivity Apps

1. Calm

What are your thoughts about the very first morning ritual, meditation? Your mornings must start with a calm mind and relaxed body that is prepared enough to take the day-long stress.

Wouldn’t you like to feel relax even for a few minutes every morning to start your life with great positivity? Of course, it is the best way that you can do to start your day.

Calm is the top-rated meditation app that helps you feel relax. It offers sessions ranging from 3-minutes to 25-minutes.

There are breathing exercises, sleep stories, guided meditation instructions, and everything that brings peace to your mind and help it concentrate better.

2. Fitbit coach

In case, meditation is not your cup of tea, try Fitbit coach. It is a personal training app that lets you get premium assistance at an affordable cost.

It is your personal training app that offers you a close look at the fitness videos.

You could challenge yourself with any of the workout apps to get into the shape. Video workout sessions last from 7 to 60 minutes. You could choose any of the fitness challenges as per your needs.

Fitbit coach gives you the freedom to workout anywhere anytime everywhere. Just choose your type and get started.

3. Google Keep

Do motivational quotes give you a high? Do you like to keep your important events over sticky notes on your desktop? If yes, Google Keep can be the partner you are searching for.

It offers you the ease to keep important notes within your reach and look at them whenever required. And the best part, you could add reminders to list your tasks even if it’s related to shopping.

This one of the productivity apps comes for free and that is the icing on the cake.

4. Rescue Time

Care to know how productive you are? Because that is the sole thing that actually tells you if you are productive or not. So, here is Rescue Time, your personal app that tracks your productivity.

It tracks your time by ideally managing your time-log for visiting different websites. It then tells you about your productivity of the day by calculating the time you spend on any particular app.

It has a database of apps categorized in productive or not so productive apps to offer you the final verdict at the end of each day.

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5. Toggl

Toggl keeps the track of your time by noticing the duration of each task along with the time you spend on any particular application. Even if you are meeting with a client, the app tracks the activity in order to keep the information.

Toggl’s best feature is its pomodoro timer that reminds you to take a break if a session gets stretched by 25 minutes. That’s how the app helps you remain productive all through the day.

Toggl automates your time tracking and helps you manage your day quite well.

6. CamScanner

Managing a business with lots of documents? There is an app for you to manage the day-to-day documentation efficiently.

With CamScanner you could scan and upload your documents in no time. Such a huge relief!!

You could send the documents directly to print from your smartphone, which makes it the best pal for a business executive.

It is a great offering for corporates in order to manage the documents scanning and signing.

7. Dropbox

Document storage is not a problem anymore with Dropbox. It also makes file sharing much easier by offering a collaborative space to the users.

Store your files together centrally at one place and use the same whenever required.

What could seem better than having an option to sync stored files across all your devices and have the access to open them anywhere anytime.   

Another impressive feature is that Dropbox users could send their files to anyone even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

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Final Thoughts

It feels great to start your mornings in a more organized way. In case, you are looking forward to being productive all day long, just have some of these productivity apps installed on your smartphone.

It will make a huge difference the way you lead your life.

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