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Aging is a natural part of life and nothing to worry about. The truth is, we’ve got heaps of dangerous habits.

Here are eight habits you may be doing daily, which make sure you age prematurely.

1. Too much stress

A little stress is quite natural and we are made to cope with it. But too much can lead to, among other things, insomnia and hence wrinkles.

Stress can also make us lose more hair than usual and make your hair thin and worn – old, simply.

Through the genes, you are probably going to get gray hair early which can cause accelerating age if you stress due to decreasing levels of melanin.

2. Excessive facial expressions

Everyone has some way to express themselves. However, an excessive amount of facial movements can cause the first emergence of your enemy – wrinkles.

One example is “worry lines” between your brows.

3. Bad food choices

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Eating food that does not make the body any good, or eating too much, is a straight and rapid way to age faster.

Try instead to limit the number of calories in, and focus on getting the nutrients your body needs.

Also limit your intake of semi-finished and complete products, which often contain unnecessarily much salt, sugar, and preservatives.

Take it also calmly with sour food and coffee, which can also make you age unnecessarily quickly.

4. Too little sleep

Sleep is crucial for many aspects of your health, not least because the brain can create and fortify memories.

Researchers believe that sleep deprivation can be linked to the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, poor sleep weakens your insulin sensitivity, which can lead to type 2 diabetes and overweight. These are two things that can also shorten your life.

The most important thing for appearance is the deep sleep that we sleep at the beginning of the night. This will release large amounts of growth hormones that will boost the regeneration and buildup of our cells, not least in the skin.

5. Sedentary lifestyle

Moving from active to an inactive, sedentary life can lead to, among other things, reduced muscle mass and metabolism, lower insulin sensitivity and increased fat percentage. These are symptoms that can lead to chronic diseases such as Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer and COPD.

Sitting still too much will also degrade your fitness, which will make you feel like a 100-year-old every time you walk in a staircase.

6. Exposure to the smoke of cigarettes

There is a strong correlation between smoking and mental ill-health. Although the correlation is not fully understood, studies suggest that smoking increases the risk of depression and anxiety disorders.

Conversely, people with these diseases are more likely to start smoking. It is also more common for smokers to suffer from dementia. 

Generally, smokers experience more stress and negative emotions than non-smokers. The immediate physiological effects of smoking and nicotine are similar to those triggered by stress.

Most smokers state that the main reason for smoking is that it soothes them.

Smokers take a cigarette in anxious and stressful situations and feel that it suppresses stress and helps them to regulate bad mood, but everything suggests that this is more illusion than reality.

7. Too much sun

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The sun is a well-known villain when talking about aging prematurely.

Exposing the skin to the sun without sunscreen is like asking for wrinkles and pigment changes, and not using sunglasses can affect your eyesight negatively.

Always use sunscreen or makeup if you are going to be in the sun and sunglasses in bright sunshine.

8. Too little water

If you drink too little a day, your body does not have enough fluid to drive out toxins and heal inflammations that affect our skin health and make us age faster.

Often, we are careful to moisturize the skin with different creams both mornings and evenings. However, we should not forget that it is at least as important to replenish moisture from the inside, by drinking water.

When the skin cells are water-filled, the skin stays soft and moisturized and gets more luster.

Avoid these 8 bad habits and you’ll slow down aging.

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