How to Make Money Writing: 10 Tips to Increase Your Freelance Income

Many people say that starting a business gives you a lot of freedom.

This assertion is correct, but the venture also comes with a lot of responsibilities.

An entrepreneur needs to deal with a lot of things including finance. To match up with the competitive businesses in the industry in which you find yourself, you need to be well funded. 

And you need to be able to handle the funds you receive to ensure that your business operates smoothly. It is not easy to get an investor to invest in your business, and when you succeed in securing the funds, you should be able to handle it well.

Here are some tips from Capital 19 to help you manage the funds appropriately.

Separate business and personal finances

Create an account for the startup and direct all investments into it.

Keeping a different account for the business will make it easy for you to account for the funds you have used.

Doing this helps to avoid a situation where you will end up spending some of the funds on personal stuff. 

Get an insurance

You should also consider researching the type of insurance that is best for your business. You may not like paying for insurance for your business, but it is essential.

It gives your business some form of financial security. The future is unpredictable, and it is not worth risking your business for the unknown.

Invest in technology

Technology makes things easier and allows you to keep track of your business. There is several excellent online software that can help you to manage your finances well.

You can understand your financial position better, pay tax easily, and keep a good record of your spending. This is the reason why you need to invest in technology for your startup.

Apart from your finances, technology can be useful for your business in many ways. 

Keep track of money movements

You should be able to account for every money that moves out of your business account. No matter how small the money is, you should keep track of it and record it.

This will help you to know where you are investing most of your funds. It will also help you to see if such investments are worth it.

You can also create a proper budget if you know where and how you invested previously. 

Make negotiations before confirming contracts

You should not jump to accept prices just because you can afford it.

There are chances that the vendor will offer you a discount if you put up a good bargain. You should have an objective for bargaining before you even to bargain.

You should check the terms involved in the purchase before negotiating. These things will help you to negotiate properly.

When you are confident that you have a good deal, you can proceed to confirm the contract. 

Doing all these helps you to make good management decisions and also aid in you making informed financial moves.  

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