This is Fearless Bloggers: The Membership

Today I want to share with you some changes that are coming to the membership and community for bloggers that I run.

You can get all the details here.

I created it for the blogger looking for more support in their business, the latest strategies, a look behind the scenes of my blogging business, the motivation to keep growing their blog and the community to find like-minded people, to feel validated and understood and be able to ask me any questions and share any ups and downs in their business.

1. New Name

The first big change is the name. You may know the membership as Blogger Playground but we are now called Fearless Bloggers. 

Rebranding and name changes are quite common for digital products and it’s usually when the creator knows it’s time for the next level of that offer.

I believe that each offer, business idea and project in general is like a living being. It has a soul, it can transform, it can die, it can grow and touch the lives of many people and it can make the world a better place. 

It’s something that was meant to be created and the person creating it is just the one through which this is being manifested. So I never take full credit for my offers. There is always a bigger universal plan. I just follow the intuitive nudges and I put in the work.

What I was guided towards is the next version of the membership and the changes include a new name, a new curriculum that will bring more structure as every learning environment can benefit from that, and a new pricing plan. 

So a bit more about the name. Blogger Playground was something I came up with rather quickly last year. But it’s because I had so much to do to get things started and create content regularly as well as decide how to best structure the membership, to launch it, get people in and actually engage with them and get their feedback.

The idea behind that first name was that we can treat blogging like a game. Everyone was welcome on the playground when we were kids and there were no strict rules. It was the opposite of being at home or in school.

We could scream, get dirty, fall and get back up, go talk to anyone and start playing together. It was the place we could be at daily and where we lose track of time. So we can take that playful and fun energy to our business and day-to-day blogging activities. 

That’s still a nice idea, of course, but also Blogger Playground is a mouthful and it didn’t really fit my idea for the community 100%.

In terms of branding, it wasn’t really consistent with the rest of the things I’ve created. Now the new name is Fearless Bloggers because it takes courage to do what we do and we’re in the membership to keep doing the work. 

Also, fearless is one of the keywords in my life.

It’s part of the name of my podcast as well as one of my courses – Fearless Content – and it describes the mindset it takes to be in business. 

This is also the new kind of energy I want to bring into the community, which is more actionable, bold, coming from an empowered place. The kind of energy that allows you to take risks as a blogger, to keep working on growing your traffic no matter what the latest Google algorithm update is and no matter what else is happening in the industry.

To not blame the economy or give your power away to any other outer factors but to take your power back and take action and be consistent. So I hope you like it. 

2. New Curriculum 

The other change that’s part of the membership makeover is its curriculum.

Since the beginning of the membership, I’ve wanted to have more structure, to have a few pieces of content monthly that will always be published and to be more specific as to when they will be published. 

So far, it’s been a bit chaotic. Sometimes there were too many posts, other times too many posts in one category such as traffic or income, and sometimes it got quiet.

Members didn’t know when to expect what. So here’s how I plan to improve that. From next month on, July, there will be 5 pieces of content that you can expect every month.

There’s a blog income report as usual, which is published in the first week of the month, a video training/mini masterclass, a PDF, one post on blog traffic and one with a tip on blog monetization. 

There might be more depending on what new is happening in the industry or what I feel inspired to share with you. That’s usually the case with core updates announced by Google, new tools or platforms I find out about.

But these will be the ones that will always be happening, the ones I just mentioned, every next month. Unless of course for some reason I’m not able to publish a specific piece of content. 

And all of these are actually strategic.

The income report gives you a behind-the-scenes look of my business. It’s also what keeps you going. Members have mentioned to me many times how this inspires them, how it shows them what I work on over the months and how it shows them that no matter what, I show up for my business.

I publish content, I make mistakes, I share that with them too. Not every metric is growing even though that was my plan for it. Sometimes I don’t reach certain milestones but I keep taking action.

Then, the video training. It won’t be too long because I don’t want to take much of your time, but it will be strategic. It will show you how to do one specific thing or one process of my business or something like how I optimize a blog post. Which means I’ll take you inside my WordPress dashboard and show you exactly what I do, what links I add, where I include the keywords and so on.

The PDF file is usually a big time saver. The one coming this month, for example, is a list of sponsored networks you can join so you can earn through sponsored blogging. This has always been my biggest income stream but lately I did a bigger research and actually joined many new networks and started earning from some.

So I really want to share them with you as things in that industry change. It’s been years since I explored the new networks. Some from the past that used to be popular either have a new name or don’t exist anymore or I just wouldn’t recommend them anymore because of a feature they lack. 

But that one PDF can literally be the reason why you make your next few hundred dollars as a blogger or why you add a new recurring monthly revenue stream.

Then, there are going to be two very important posts in the membership every month. One helping you to increase your blog traffic and one to monetize your blog better. Sometimes these can be short and sweet but very actionable.

I might share one thing you can do, one tool you can start using, one tactic I’ve discovered and tried and which has worked for me or which was recommended by someone I’m following and looking up to but which can still be very valuable to you. 

In any case, while not every post will help you grow your blog traffic and income because there are so many factors that go into this, even if one or a few of them work for you every few months, your business is going to be growing. 

3. New Price

The third change happening is the price increase.

The current price for new members is $7/month or $77/year, which is basically nothing knowing what value you get inside. But starting from July 1st, the price will increase to $9/month or $99 per year, which means you get one month for free. 

If you’re an existing member that doesn’t concern you and if you join any time before July 1st, you get the lowest price ever – $7 a month – and you get to keep it for as long as you remain a member. This is priceless because there is always new content being added, there’s new bonus material even so if you’ve been thinking of joining, now is the time. And if you know someone who can benefit from the membership, you can share it with them so they can also join before July. 

If you sign up now, you also get immediate access to the bonus material and everything that is already inside as well as many of my monthly blog income reports with the exact earnings and expenses for my business. And of course you get a new one every next month. 

Some members actually told me they joined just for that, to see everything happening in my business and to get motivated by the results and income as well as how I take action every next month and the fact that I share the exact things I work on.

So this is your official invitation to join us inside Fearless Bloggers if you feel called to. Here’s the link to the enrollment page. I can’t wait to see you inside.

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