Gary Vee is one of my favorite people. And although I didn’t include him on this list of mentors, he did have an influence on my mindset and work over the years with his motivational quotes, images, speeches, videos and more.

In this article, I’ll gather my favorite Gary Vee quotes that you can use for hustle inspiration.

The Best Gary Vee Quotes to Live By

1. “It’s not about how much sleep you get. It’s about what you do when you’re awake.”

I decided to begin with this cool quote by Gary Vee simply because it’s currently my phone wallpaper. I

love seeing it every time I unlock my mobile, and it’s a pretty good reminder to keep working harder on what I believe in.

2. “Grateful 24/7/365.” – Gary Vee

Gratitude is the foundation of Gary’s business as he likes to remind himself.

He started focusing on all the opportunities around us, all that the Web and social media are allowing us to do, and all the abundance we already live in. He built the gratitude mindset at an early age, and has kept it ever since.

In most of the Gary Vaynerchuk quotes, videos, blog posts, books, and all other types of content that he creates, the theme of gratitude always stands out. So if you’re just starting out in business, do this first. Start each day by listing the things you already have.

If you’re grateful, you’ll be happy.

That lets you do better work, and more of it without wanting quick results or becoming an egoist and losing your true self in the process.

3. “Wanna be happy? Have zero expectations.”

That one of my favorite Gary Vee quotes has a lot to do with his ‘Nobody owes me shit.’ philosophy.  

If you’re looking for the happiness formula, become grateful and let go of expectations. Then everything else falls into place.

4. “Legacy is greater than currency.”

The businesses Gary Vee is building, and his whole empire, is with the idea of leaving a legacy behind it. He’s all about making things happen, but also affecting other people and the world with them in a positive way and thus leaving a dent in the universe.

5. “Whether you’re 9 or 90, stop trying to fix the things you’re bad at, and focus on the things you’re good at.”  – Gary Vaynerchuk

So many people spend a lifetime complaining about their weaknesses and trying to fix them. Instead, you should define what you’re good at, and grind every day to make something out of it.

You’re given talents already, you have passions and interests. Describe these, combine them in a unique way, get out there and do the work only you can do.

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6. “You’re 100FUCKING% in charge of your life. Stop fucking complaining.”

Bold statements, but we have to agree. All Gary Vee quotes remind us somehow to stop complaining, overthinking and doubting, and to start executing.

7. “People are crippled by perfection. I just keep moving forward.” – Gary Vee

Take a step back to analyze whether you’ve become a perfectionist without realizing it. It could be stopping you from becoming an entrepreneur and hustling on your side business every day.

Let go of perfectionism first so that you can be inspired, creative and productive enough for the daily grind.

8. “If you’re not dreaming big for yourself, who’s doing it for you?”

You should get into your own mind, and ignore outer factors and distractions. Seriously, you got your own path to walk and only you know what’s right.

To win big you need to dream big. And no one else can do that for you, as Gary Vee reminds us.

9. “Stop whining, start hustling.”

The best Gary Vee quotes are usually the shortest, and most motivational at the same time. I love this quick reminder.

It’s as simple as that. No point in whining. But real results will come if you hustle, and the best time to start hustling is right now.

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10. “You have to understand your own personal DNA.”

Gary Vee admits one of the things that make him unique is his entrepreneurial DNA. You’re born with it, but you also work on it throughout your life. We all have such DNA and can use it to our advantage.

In his bestselling book Crush It, he discusses finding your passion and combining it with the best medium online to create a career out of it.

In fact, that’s what I did. Personal development is my passion, and writing is my preferred method of talking about it. So once I combined these 2 and put in the work, the results (and money) started coming it.

For you, it might be podcasting or making videos. Whatever that is, choose your niche, define your topic (what you’re passionate about), and start creating digital content about it.

11. “99% of the things around us don’t matter.” – Gary Vee

If you want to achieve something big in life and in business, if you’re willing to be the hustler you’re meant to be, then you’ll need to eliminate most of what you’re doing and focus on the rest.

Most of what we do is pointless and unproductive. Average people just keep themselves busy with it and waste their time, thinking they are getting stuff done.

Take a look at all that you’re doing for each aspect of your life, and be honest about the items not giving you results. Remove them. Then work your ass off daily concentrating on the rest.

12. “If you live for the weekends and vacations, your shit is broken.”

Love that quote. Weekends and vacations are part of the 9 to 5, and that has nothing to do with entrepreneurs and hustlers. These are just distractions.

They make you think about the weekend all week, then do nothing during it, then need some time to get back on track when Monday comes. It’s a vicious circle and you never get things done, and you never start that business.

Stop it. Here’s how Gary Vee motivates you if you constantly think about taking some time off:

I’ll leave you with a motivational video by Gary Vaynerchuk that I’ve listened to plenty of times:

Stop Caring About What People Think of You, Inspirational Video by Gary Vee

Hope you enjoyed this collection of Gary Vee quotes and are motivated to let out the hustler within you.

Gary Vee is one of my favorite people. Here's a collection of the most motivational Gary Vaynerchuk quotes to use for hustle inspiration. #garyvee #quotes #motivationalquotes #hustle #garyvaynerchuk