The comfort zone feels good.

There you’re safe, nothing new ever happens, you’re living by someone else’s standards, and do stuff that won’t get you in any trouble (or anywhere, at all).

But is that what life is all about?
I don’t think so.

Life has so much more to offer. And the only way to fully experience it and unleash our potential is to break free from the comfort zone.

Here’s how:

5 ways to step out of your comfort zone

1. Try new things.

New is always good when it comes to personal development.

It means you’re doing something, expanding your horizons, trying stuff. And even if it doesn’t work out, you move on stronger, with more experience and knowledge, and a new angle on what to do next time.

2. Take risks.

Take opportunities that have no sure outcome.

You may lose money, sometimes ruin a relationship, lose something you have, or disappoint someone. But most of the times, all this is better than not taking any action at all.

3. Do what scares you.

The simplest and most powerful way to face your fears and grow is to do exactly what you’re afraid of.

Go to that person, say ‘yes’ to that opportunity, speak in public, watch scary movies, quit your job, say what you think, share your creative work with others, start a new business, invest, etc.

All these fears are irrational, which makes them pointless. They can only become more if you don’t take control. But once you do, there won’t be any barriers between you and the life you’ve been dreaming about.

4. Challenge yourself.

The best way to achieve more, deal with failure and keep going is to learn how to challenge yourself.

Whenever you feel like giving up when doing an exercise at the gym, do a few more reps. It’s physically possible, the only thing you need to overcome is your mind.

When you can’t write anymore, keep doing it for 10 more minutes.

If you need to be up at 7, do it at 6. And so on.

Over time this will build your character and increase your willpower.

5. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

We get too comfortable with our life and tend to avoid everything that requires even a little effort or us doing something that takes courage.

Tim Ferriss says that ‘A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.’

And I can’t agree more.

So go out there and speak with people you think are superior to you. Wear clothes you like but know others won’t approve. Go to the cinema alone. Or to a nice restaurant.

If you start doing these 5 things daily and make a habit of them, you’ll achieve much more.

Actually, your current level will become the lowest point of your life. And you’ll be feeling more and more alive day after day, will amaze others, grow strong and confident, and everyone will want to be around you.

The truth is that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. And if you haven’t really been out there, you haven’t truly lived.

How do you feel about the comfort zone?
Is it scary out there?
And what are you willing to do in order to break free?

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