Common factors that come up in the discussion about business growth are cash flow, company values, keeping up with the latest technology, and the quality of your staff. However, one factor that often gets overlooked is the interior design of your company’s office.

On the face of it, the way your office is fitted out seems largely irrelevant. However, for companies in which employees are office based 8 hours a day, 5 days a week it’s hugely important.

It’s not just a place where people go and work. It’s a place they spend much of their day and statistics are showing that the design of your office has an impact on business growth in a number of ways.

Office Interior Design and Employee Productivity

That’s right, office interior design can have an impact on the productivity of your workforce.

In fact, when you think about it, of course it does! An office painted in drab colors, with dull lighting and uncomfortable furniture isn’t exactly going to promote creativity and a good work ethic.

Whereas an office tailored to the needs of the employees who work there is naturally going to instill a positive mindset, which can then lead to better productivity.

In a recent study, 25% of employees who took part said that the interior office fit out was hindering their performance. Whilst over half of those who took part said that their performance would improve if their office was designed to fit their needs.

So how can you refurbish your office to benefit your workers and to increase their productivity?

One key area of the office is the available space.

Everyone in a company is different and therefore works more effectively in different circumstances.

Is there a quiet area for employees to go to if they need to recharge their batteries? Are there areas that encourage teamwork for employees to brainstorm ideas?

Making sure you manage the available space in the office effectively can boost productivity as it not only means employees can work in their ideal environment, but it showcases that your consideration for the workforce when making decisions, which goes a long way to improving office morale.

Hiring The Best in The Business

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When a company starts interviewing for a job opening, nine times out of ten the interview is going to take place in the company’s office.

What a lot of businesses fail to realize, when it comes to interviewing potential employers, is the notion that potential employees are weighing up whether or not they actually want to work for you as well.

Sure, the interviewers are also doing the same thing in regards to deciding whether that person is a right fit for the company. But it’s important that the company is an attractive prospect.

Realistically, if you’ve got someone in for an interview it’s because:

a) that person is looking for a job and
b) they’ve got a good CV.

This means that other companies, most likely your competitors, could also be considering the applicant.

The very first impression of your company that an interviewee will get will be when they walk in to the office pre-interview.

By utilizing effective office refurbishment services, including vibrant colors, good space allocation and bright lighting, you could help to ensure good applicants don’t slip through the net.

After all, 33% of workers say that office design can significantly impact their decision on whether to accept a job offer or not.

Impressing, Gaining and Retaining Clients

For many companies, clients are what keep the company ticking over. Without clients, a lot of businesses, more specifically agencies, would go bust because there would be no money coming in and no work for the employees.

It’s imperative that you keep clients happy. Although a lot of this will be down to the quality of work, the way you present yourself as a company certainly matters.

Picture a client coming into the office to find it cramped, and fitted with shoddy furniture. It won’t go down well as it doesn’t make you look professional in the slightest.

Then picture a POTENTIAL client coming in to find that. It would likely be an instant no, because you can bet that a rival company will present themselves in a more professional manner to hook the client.