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With the ease of doing a background check today, why risk the possible liability you could face by not doing a background check on a potential employee? 

The dangers of hiring without the benefit of a background check can include:

Putting your customers or employees at risk

High on the list of possible hazards is putting your customers or employees at risk. If you unwittingly hire someone who has a history of violent crime or is a sex offender, you risk liability. 


Cybersecurity is a growing concern for many companies. If you hire someone who has a history of committing cybercrime, you could put your company at risk.

Even if your company seems to be a low-value target, there is still a wealth of information that a cyber-criminal could use. From personnel files to proprietary software, or even skimming personal data from phones that connect to the company WiFi, you could be a target. 

Fake resumes

A background check allows you to verify your potential employees’ credentials

Did they graduate with the degree of the claim? Have they worked for the companies they list? 

A background check gives you some peace of mind that an employee is who they portray themselves to be. A resume can say anything, and some things like college degrees, are easy to fake and difficult to verify without a background check. 

Potential injuries

A driving record is part of almost any background check, and necessary if an employee will be making deliveries or driving a company vehicle.

If you hire someone with a history of reckless driving, you can be held at fault if they injure someone in the course of working for you. 

Wasted time and resources

Failing to hire the right person for the job will cost your company time and resources.

Though this might not outwardly be as dangerous as some of the other ramifications on the list, over time, it can damage the financial stability of a company.

Background checks are easy to do and relatively inexpensive. Compare the cost of doing a background check on every potential employee to the price of just one of the dangers above.

You will find that background checks are easily cost-justified. The simplest way to do a check is to use reputable background check websites

Background Check Websites


The Better Business Bureau accredits this company with an A+ rating. They offer three different packages to best suit the needs of your company.

They also have add-on options to customize your reports with the specific information you may need. The website is intuitive and easy to use, which is a plus if you are just starting to run background checks.


An established favorite background check website for larger businesses. Checkr offers an excellent mobile interface and up-to-date information.

Checkr can send invitations to potential employees asking that they respond with their permission to run a background check. They are price friendly and offer customization options.

The turn-around time for reports is a little slower than some other sites. The longer turn-around time might be because their reports have a reputation for being more in-depth. The reports are clear, concise and easy to use. 

A Good Employee

This website is great for mid-sized to large companies. The user interface is easy to use, although it does appear a bit dated.

The company provides a thorough background check, and its base package contains more information than that of some other websites. Though the price is a bit higher, but with more in-depth knowledge.

The more extensive information can end up being cost-efficient as you are avoiding paying for constant add-ons.

A Good Employee does not do social media checks. There is some controversy surrounding social media history in hiring practices. Whether this is a pro or con depends on your company’s stance on using information from social media.