How To Create an Amazing Resume That Gets Noticed

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People in charge of hiring see a tremendous number of resumes each and every day. With so many applicants to go through, they usually don’t waste time looking at resumes that don’t immediately capture their attention.

Using the tips in the following section, you can help ensure that your resume gets noticed so that it doesn’t just get tossed in the recycle bin.

1. Double check your resume for any mistakes.

Although this may seem obvious, it is staggering how many resumes are submitted that have obvious errors. From punctuation problems to misspelled words, any type of error can create the wrong impression.

Sometimes, it is extremely difficult to spot errors in your own work. After you spend a lot of time putting together your resume, your brain may have a hard time picking out problems.

That is why it is extremely beneficial to have several of your friends or family members proofread your resume for you. Consider assigning them each with a different task.

For instance, have one person check your resume for any grammatical errors. While another person checks for spacing problems or spelling issues. These simple steps can help keep you from sending in a resume that has errors.

2. Fine-tune your resume so that it fits perfectly with the job description.

Your resume should be adapted to each job that you are applying for. Read through the job description, looking for important keywords. Then, go through your resume and incorporate those keywords into your description of your past experience. This will make it easier for the person in charge of hiring to see that you are a perfect fit for the job. This extra step is something that you should do every time you apply for a job.

3. Streamline your resume.

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Avoid the temptation to list every accomplishment you have ever had on your resume.

Longer is not necessarily better when it comes to resumes. In fact, most of the time, longer resumes get discarded. That’s because it is a lot harder for the person viewing them to dig through all of the information to find any relevant details. Keep the wording of your resume as concise and to-the-point as possible.

In terms of the layout itself, use fonts that are easy to read and try to keep as much white space on the paper as possible. If your resume is too cluttered, it can make it difficult to read.

A hiring manager should be able to see all of your accomplishments at a glance. So they can quickly get a clear picture of why you are an excellent candidate for the job.

4. Incorporate keywords.

When a hiring manager writes a job description, they are usually extremely explicit about what they are looking for.

The job description itself will often contain keywords that precisely describe the ideal candidate. By identifying these keywords, you can make sure that your resume matches up perfectly with the job description.

There are tools available that you can use to help identify the most commonly used keywords in the job description. Then, it is simply a matter of adding those keywords to your resume wherever they will fit. This can allow the recruiter to instantly see that you are an excellent candidate for the position.

If you feel this is all too much for you then look for professional resume writers.

5. Focus on what you accomplished – not what your duties were.

You can change the way that a recruiter thinks about you by focusing on everything that you accomplished in your last position rather than by simply listing your job duties.

Be as specific as possible when highlighting your accomplishments.

If you managed a project that increased sales and reduced waste for your previous company, include key figures in your description showing the exact impact of that accomplishment.

6. Choose your wording carefully.

Active words that show you taking action to get results are always more powerful than passive words. When listing each of your accomplishments, choose words that show that you were actively involved in the process.

Words such as “launched”, “designed”, “implemented”, or “negotiated” all show you taking action to make things happen in your previous job. These powerful words can help build a picture in the mind of the hiring manager that shows how effective you are at your job. You can find lists of powerful verbs online that you can use to describe your past roles and responsibilities.

Keep in mind, your resume is usually the first introduction that a recruiter has to you and your capabilities. It is important to create a concise, well-written resume that captures their attention and helps you stand out as a candidate. Otherwise, you risk having your resume get tossed into the “no” pile without a second glance.

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