Organize Yourself: How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

Time management is one of the biggest challenges one can encounter in their everyday life. It can be really hard to organize yourself when you have so many responsibilities.

There are job-related tasks to be done every day, there are family issues and obligations. And there is a need for personal space and growth.

The speed of living is increasing and you’ll need to adapt as fast as you can in order to maintain harmony in your life. Take a glance at the tips below since those can be helpful if you decide to organize and improve the balance between your work and personal life.

Leave work at the office.

One of the most common mistakes working people make is 24-hour availability. Of course, every responsible person wants to get their job done in a timely manner, but there’s no need to go to the extreme.

Make sure to block email notifications once you’ve left the office. The time you spend at your working station is what you are paid for and there’s no need to sacrifice your private life for a needy boss.

Remind your superiors about that in an assertive and calm way. They’ll know to appreciate your message and will start to respect your personal time.

Increase productivity.

You’ve probably stumbled upon at least one article about hacking sleep. This topic is very popular on social media, and people are competing who will work harder and sleep less.

There is an ongoing misbelief that less sleep and more work will help to get better results. Try to avoid this malpractice.

Instead of stressing your body with lack of sleep, try to organize better and increase your productivity during your office hours.

There’s no need to work more than 8 hours. In fact, there are some countries in Europe, such as Sweden, that introduced 6-hour shifts a few years ago. Their experience has shown increase in productivity and lower levels of stress and burning-out.

So, don’t work harder, work smarter.

Know that nothing is perfect.

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A lot of people tend to go back to the office once they remember something isn’t done perfectly. Before you become one of those people, stop and think for a while.

Will that imperfection change anything, and can it be done tomorrow? In most cases, the answer is „No“, it won’t affect anything, and „Yes“, it can be done the next day.

Again, make sure to separate your working and private hours. Once you leave the office, forget about the job and try to live a normal, quality life with your loved ones.

Nothing is perfect in this world, nor are you. Because of that, relax and enjoy your free hours and do something that fuels you. Don’t worry about the job, there’s always tomorrow.

Find time for recreation.

Your first thought after you hear the word „recreation“ is probably the following: „I don’t have time for that.“ That’s a lie. You just need to put some effort into building a few healthy habits, and one of them should be physical activity.

Make sure to train at least 4 hours a week. Increase that time once you see how much energy you can actually gain while sweating. All bad thoughts and toxins will leave your body once you’re done with your workout routine, so don’t hesitate and start today.

Think about others.

Ask yourself how your family members feel when they see you stressed out because of your work. Slow down and think about that.

Do you resonate with happy vibes or are you just another workaholic that lost their compass? Try to concentrate on a bigger picture and you’ll see how your loved ones see you.

Be open to suggestions. If someone close to you says that you need to rest, they are probably right. You shouldn’t go as fast as you can since you will crash down at some point. Think about their feelings and concerns.

Final thoughts

Balancing your work and life isn’t possible if you let someone else organize your time. Because of that, give your best to master your hours and find time for everything.

There’s no magical potion you can take and make everything work. You will need to invest some energy and rely on your intuition and experience. You should be aware when to push harder at work and when you should ease up and rest.

If this is hard for you, start breaking the day into hours and dedicate an activity to each one. Once you see all your daily tasks on paper, you’ll be a step closer to mastering your life. Find enough time for your family and personal growth, and think about a vacation once in awhile.

About The Author

This post was written by Cate Palmer.