The Importance of Saving Money for Your Future: 7 Reasons to Start Saving Today

Life is short and you only get the one, so it’s important to make the most of it.

We’re the protagonists of our own lives, and it’s up to us how we spend our time and what decisions we’ll make which will affect the path we’re on.

Value yourself as a human being, and invest in yourself. Here are some of the ways you can go about it.


The best things in life may be free, but there’s no denying the importance of money.

It can’t buy you love, friendship or happiness but from a practical perspective we need it to keep a roof over our head, to eat and to buy the things we need.

Getting control of your finances enables you to make ends meet in the here and now (without falling into debt) as well as protect and look after yourself in the future.

Come up with a budget and stick to it, making sure you dedicate what you can towards savings.

Make sure you have a pension set up, this will ensure you have funds to live on later in life when you’re no longer working. In some countries it’s a legal requirement for employers to provide their workers with a pension, so do some research into this and make sure you’re in the know.

If not, it’s something you’ll have to set up yourself. But a little money each week now will add up over the years and give you a comfortable life when you’re older.

Another thing to get right with money is debt, if you owe money to creditors then do what you can to pay them off. You could look into the cheapest home loan, borrow against your property then use the money to pay off all of your debts. That way everything is consolidated in one place and you can work on just paying off that balance.

If your debts are spiralling out of control then a debt management company or charity can talk you through your options and negotiate reduced rates with your creditors. Either way, getting your money under control is a smart move.

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9 Essential Money Saving Tips for Expats

Linked with money but a separate entity of its own is career.

This is because while we go to work to earn money, our careers are so much more than that. They’re part of who we are, our identity even.

When you meet someone new and they’re getting to know you, it’s why one of the first questions they’ll ask is ‘what do you do for a living?’

Working towards a career you enjoy and is right for you will bring you so much satisfaction in life, after all, it’s something we spend a huge part of our days, weeks, months and years doing.

If you’re in a dead-end job or in a career that no longer fits you as a person then why not go back to university and make a dramatic change?

Perhaps you could do some voluntary work to gain the skills you need, or start a new role at the bottom of the career ladder and work your way up?

It’s important to find something interesting or rewarding about what you do.

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When we’re young, so much of our time is invested into building skills.

As kids and teenagers, we have hobbies from sports to crafts, we’re forever delving into new subjects and trying our hands at different things to find our passion.

As adults this is something many of us stop doing, we get into the world of work and fall into a rut. But learning new skills is good for our mental health. As humans, we’re curious creatures and often at our happiest when we’re learning new things.

Hobbies build skills in a fun way and allow us to better ourselves in an area while reaching goals we’ve set. From a practical point of view, skills like driving, cooking, budgeting or a new language are all examples of things that could help you in your everyday life.


One of the best ways we can invest into ourselves is by looking after our health. This is beneficial both in the here and now, as well as the future.

It can be hard staying healthy. We live in a world where there’s easy access to cheap yet delicious food, we work long hours in sedentary jobs and we’re put under an immense amount of stress.

But finding ways to take care of yourself is crucial.

Bump up your fruit and veg intake, find activities you love and get up off the sofa.

Practice relaxation techniques which can reduce stress and improve sleep. Getting down to the ‘ideal’ BMI range can slash your risk of all kinds of health issues, as well as giving up dangerous vices such as smoking, drinking and binge eating.

Work on building up your mental health and self-esteem. The more you value yourself as a person, the more likely you are to treat yourself with respect and not kill yourself with bad habits.

Join a gym or sign up to a sports class, go for regular massages or pamper days at the spa. Or just buy some skin and hair products and use them at home. They’re all things that make you feel good as well as genuinely doing good.


Each and every one of us needs to feel loved and understood. Even if you see yourself as a bit of a lone wolf who enjoys their own company.

Friendships, family and our relationships play a huge part in our lives, and building (and maintaining) a connection with others is crucial for our happiness.

Make spending time with loved ones a priority, if you’re lonely then put yourself out there to meet new people. With a strong support system around you, you’ll feel like you can achieve anything.

Life is short and you only get the one, so it’s important to make the most of it. Here are some of the ways you can invest in yourself: #relationshipadvice #moneytips #finance #careertips #moneymanagement