When you’re an employee, you often find yourself working long hours at a company that isn’t fulfilling and doesn’t offer much growth.

For some people, this working environment is fine. For others, this type of job can make you feel stuck. You want your freedom while you work.

You want to be responsible for more than just the simple tasks that your employer gives you.

How can you land a job allows you such freedom? Run your own business!

Being your own boss may seem like a pipe dream, but it’s completely possible. The following are 7 careers where you determine your work and your salary.

1. Real Estate Agent

To become a real estate agent, all you need is a high school diploma and a real estate license.

This job can earn you a wage between $50k to $111k on average per year. You’ll work on commission, which means you can earn more money when you sell more properties.

You get to choose the properties you sell as well. You can sell plots of land, commercial properties, houses, or farms. If you can sell it, you can succeed.

The success is completely in your hands when you pursue this career.

2. Medical Device Salesman

The experience you need to become a salesperson for medical devices varies from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree.

Pursuing this career means you could earn anywhere between $50k to 165k on average per year.

This sales position is one of the most complicated ones out there. You have to know a great deal about the products you’re selling and have the talent to sell to professionals in the medical field.

You may need to be trained before going out in the field, but after that, the job is completely in your control. It’s demanding and competitive work, but it can be extremely flexible and lucrative if it’s something you’re really interested in.

3. Freelance Writing

The experience needed to be a freelance writer is completely subjective. You technically don’t need a specific education, but companies prefer those who have some experience with writing and a good comprehension of writing conventions.

Freelance writing is truly a job where you get to control every aspect of your job, from your pay to your schedule to what you write.

While the first few jobs will be hard to find, you’ll be able to build more and more success as time goes on.

The only limit you’ll have when you take on this career is the amount of time you can devote to writing.

4. Insurance Sales Agent

To become an insurance sales agent, the minimum you’ll need is a high school diploma.

You can get a bachelor’s degree to help your chances, but it isn’t necessary.

You can earn some excellent money by taking on this job. It allows you to make a fairly standard salary but offers the potential for huge commissions.

5. Contractor

If you’re interested in becoming a construction contractor or a tradesperson, then you need to have the proper education.

Courses are one way to get the experience needed to be your own boss in this field. Taking classes will help you get the licenses you need and prepare you to take on contracts right away.

When you choose this career path, you negotiate your own deals, build your own pool of clientele, and are rewarded on your own merits.

6. Personal Finance Advisor

To pursue this self-employed job, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree. However, the amount of money you make per year will be worth the extra education.

You have the potential to make anywhere between $118k to $153k on average. It’s another career that works primarily on commissions, and you have to have knowledge of finances and how the market works.

7. Sales Engineer

Like a personal finance advisor, you have to have a bachelor’s degree if you want to pursue your own way as a sales engineer.

Similar to a medical device salesman, your job will be to sell stuff to important people. As a sales engineer, you’ll sell tech and scientific products to corporations.

You can make a good amount of money in this field. To succeed, you’ll need knowledge in sales, the ability to handle many professional relationships, and experience with presentations and public speaking.

The Bottom Line

If you’re someone who just dreads going to work for someone else, then consider breaking free from the regular 9 to 5 job and becoming your own boss.

The process can be rewarding, and the potential for success is unlimited.

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