Whether you’re just starting out, looking to go full-time or part-time for a bit of extra cash as a mum, it can be difficult for most freelance writers to find work and writing assignments, especially if you’re new to the industry.

What websites do you go on? How can I find the best assignments to have enough time with my kids? Can you approach companies directly? Do I have to promote myself or will businesses find me?

There are so many questions relating to this topic. To give you a healthy start, here is a list of resources for finding the perfect writing assignments for you.

Where Can Freelance Writers Find Writing Assignments

1. Online Job Boards

The great thing about freelance writing is that you have the ability to find contracts and assignments from clients located anywhere on the planet. There is no better place to look than online freelancing job boards.

There are a vast number of websites that you can check out for daily or weekly updates on writing jobs for a whole host of niches and subjects.

2. Freelancing Platforms

To kick-start our list, we’re heading over to the biggest job boards in the business.

For example, such websites as Upwork and Writemyx. Both platforms have been established for a long time and are proven to be safe, secure and have countless job opportunities posted every single day.

The jobs can vary in pay from a few dollars per article to hundreds of dollars for a particular project.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, choose your relevant writing skills and then start applying for jobs that you like the look of.

Both sites have their own niche and style and can be quite the learning curve to use but are extremely worthwhile once you know what you’re doing.

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3. Pitch to Paying Sites

Some sites pay writers for high quality, well-researched articles on niche topics. If you are looking to get your name out there and earn some fairly quick cash, this is your best bet.

You have to do a search for websites that pay and find the one in your niche.

Next, you need to either submit an inquiry through a form or through email – similar to cold pitching.

Look around the website first to see what kind of topic might engage their audience. Then, come up with a title and concept and submit your proposal.

These sites pay anything from $5 to $2000, depending on the niche. The site will probably have some writing guidelines which you should follow.

4. Use Your Website

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You’ll probably have a regular, basic blog at first but this works as a promotion as well. Write blog posts in your niche and make sure that they are of high quality to attract positive attention.

Set a page on your blog as an introduction to your services and offer them.

You’d be surprised at how much you can actually make blogging and how much work you can get this way, even with a basic site.

You’ll have to sift through a few poor offers but eventually, you’ll stumble upon a great assignment.

5. Guest Post

Guest posting is similar to writing for paying website – only these sites don’t pay you. On the other hand, these are usually high authority and exposure sites which welcome new writers into their community.

Not getting paid seems to be a poor choice but the point with guest posting is gathering some following, getting exposure and showing off your skills.

There is usually a submission form that you have to fill out, followed by some guidelines and editorial checks which you have to go through before your article can be posted.

They’ll probably allow you to link to your website or a blog which is a great way to get some traffic and business as well.

6. Approach Companies Directly

Unknown to most, there’s a wealth of writing solution websites out there that cater for students, individuals and businesses who need content written.

Some of the leading sites include 1Day2write and Academicbrits. These websites have a whole host of writers working for them that are available to take and write up assignments according to the client’s preference.

This is a great money earner as there are constant work and high rates of pay.

If you’ve got the time and can work well to deadlines or even have a degree in some way, you could benefit by becoming one of these writers.

All you have to do is log on to the website and send them an email or click the ‘become a writer’ tab which is available on some of the sites.

7. Warm Pitch

Warm pitch is a more indirect version of cold pitching. Instead of finding a company that you want to write for and pitching directly, here you would start following the company on social media, engaging with them casually and responding to their posts.

This gets you in front of them and puts you in their good graces – what company doesn’t like an engaged customer.

Over time, as the relationship progresses, you can introduce yourself and your work to them.

8. Network

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Networking is another slow and indirect way to get paid to write.

In this process, you are connecting with freelancers in various niches and creating a bond with them. You can do this on various forums, sites, comment sections and Facebook groups.

Start posting some useful tips or controversial topics on those groups to get some attention and open the doors to becoming acquaintances with other members of that group.

Inevitably, some of the more experienced and outgoing freelancers will contact you privately and you’ll be able to strike up a conversation.

These experienced freelancers usually have a lot of work and they sometimes outsource. They sometimes even hire regular writers to do a part of their work for them. This is a good way to earn money and get some mentorship from older peers.


Finding writing gigs in the freelancing world became fairly easy since so many sites need fresh content each day. However, your ability to find work is up to you.

Find good ways to get challenging work – some of these means of getting a job may work for you.

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