Searching for a job can be very stressful for any of us.

Some wait for months or even years to find a job suitable for their personality and knowledge.

Technology changed the way we work, but it also changed the way employers search for employees.

You can imagine those methods as different crossroads that take hiring managers in various directions. You should place yourself in the middle of the road and say ”Stop! I’m the guy you are looking for.”

Here are some things you should definitely do and a few you need to avoid when searching for a job:

1. Do NOT Isolate Yourself.

We live in a face-paced world, where connections meen everything. Being by yourself won’t cut it.

You and your PC won’t be enough to find a suitable job in a decent amount of time. Thus, you should focus on meeting as many job seekers as you can.

You can starty by looking for „Job Seekers Clubs”. Why? Because an informed job seeker can offer you the needed information regarding an open position very fast.

You can be sending out your resume to all the right places really quickly.

2. Do NOT Use One Method Alone.

Many people tend to make their search solely online. This is a big mistake.

Even though almost all employers opt for online research and job posting, they first look for information from their current employees.

They ask for referrals from their employees and, most likely, they will hire those ones first. Why? Because there’s someone in the company who can vouch for the new employee.

Apart from that, those persons adapt faster because they have support within the offices.

3. Do NOT Hide Your Online Presence.

A recruiter’s best way of finding out information about a candidate is to Google the name. This way, he is able to find the candidate’s LinkedIn Profile, which can corroborate the work experience and aptitudes.

Finding no information online about a candidate can be a red flag. That candidate’s resume might be made-up.

Turn off your invisibility mode from all your social or professional networks! The more they know about you, the faster you’ll get called up for an interview. 

Make sure you check your online presence before you apply for a job, though.

Needless to say, the details you present to the world should make you look as a complete professional.

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4. Do NOT Display Your Desolation.

Even though you are desperate to land a certain job, you shouldn’t make that despair visible. Your future employers’ focus should be towards your strengths.

They won’t say ”Poor guy, he’s desperate to land this job. I’m gonna hire him.” They should say „The qualities of this candidate are the ones we are looking for. Let’s hire him!”

In your recruiters’ mind, you should have a position of strength rather than one of weakness.

5. Do NOT Make Your Resume Look Perfect.

Many candidates try to make their resume look perfect. They remove the parts they don’t like and add extra aptitudes.

As a result, they end up with a resume that looks like any other template you can find online. That’s boring. The employers have seen the same format and phrases hundreds of times before.

You should opt for a writing service to create a great resume. Your resume should look like a sales brochure, one that highlights the most important aspects of your professional and personal aptitudes. For that, most people need professional writing help.

Highlight only the most relevant skills and aptitudes needed for the job you apply!

If you add irrelevant information, the recruiter might overlook some skills that are really important for the position.

If you apply for a job in a marketing department, for example, you should highlight skills like communication, creativity and analytical skills, since those are relevant for this department.

6. Create a Plan for Your Search.

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This is the first step to success in the job hunting process: acknowledge where you are right now and where you want to end up.

You should know the job you want to have and the industry you want to work in. The Internet offers plenty of jobs to choose from, but not every position you find is suitable for you.

You try to catch two rabbits at the same time, but you’ll probably end up with nothing in that case.

Focus all your energy on the one position you want to get.

If, for example, you want to work in a marketing department, don’t waste your time applying for jobs in financial departments. Stick to the marketing-related jobs.

7. Socialize for Professional and Personal Reasons.

You might have hundreds of friends. Childhood friends, high school friends, college friends… you name it. When socializing with them, you should mention your professional goals.

You might go out with your high school or university friends for a few drinks. Relax and “work” at the same time. Find out where they work and get more information about their companies.

Ask if there are any open positions in the relevant departments of their companies. You might get lucky.

If they know you well and trust your abilities, they can refer you to their employers and HR managers. (Check Point 2)

8. Have a Clean Online Presence.

The first thing a recruiter will do is to Google their applicants. Before applying for any job, you should make sure you have a spotless online presence.

First of all, remove all those photos you took during the weekend gigs with your friends.

If there’s any content published under your name, you should check it for grammar mistakes.

If there are any rude comments you posted on social media, delete them. Recruiters don’t like candidates with bad grammar or improper manners.

9. Have the Appropriate Vocabulary.

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When employers are looking for the perfect candidates through LinkedIn, they are actually looking at different keywords that are commonly used in their industry.

Even if you have a top-notch resume, you won’t be a visible target if your vocabulary is not suitable for the industry you look to get into.

Start by reading lots of articles and books related to the industry you want to get into. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your vocabulary and knowledge.

10. Do Your Research Before Interviews.

Going to an interview without doing any research about the company, industry, and position is like going to war barehanded. You won’t make it.

You should know the most relevant information regarding the company, job requirements, and the overall industry. This way, you will be able to offer believable answers to all questions they ask.


Looking for a job can be a very hard thing. That’s the reason why many job seekers tend to broaden their search to other industries, even though they don’t like them so much.

That’s exactly why their search has no results – it’s not focused. By following these dos and don’ts, you should be able to avoid the pitfalls and find a job that meets your expectations.

About The Author

This post was written by Tom Jager, a professional blogger.

Here are some things you should definitely do and a few you need to avoid when searching for a job if you want to land the right one: #jobsearch #career