How to Promote Your Book on Your Blog - How to Rebound from a Layoff: Strategies to Secure Employment

Layoffs are a little like many other significant life events. They tend to happen to other people, until they happen to you and your world is suddenly turned upside down. 

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, it can help to be prepared for the unexpected so that you at least have an idea of your plan of action if it does happen. However, if you have been laid off and have not considered your options until now, don’t worry. You are not the first person to be in this position and you are most certainly not the last.

From understanding the easiest tech jobs to get into, to knowing your rights, we take a look at strategies that you can deploy to protect yourself and secure employment following a layoff or any other career emergency. 

How to Secure Employment After a Layoff

Keep your skills up to date

Being in secure employment can be a bit like being in a secure relationship; it is easy to let things go as you become increasingly comfortable.

However, regardless of how comfortable you are in your job, it is a good idea to review your position occasionally. Update your resume and take a look at your skills and qualifications.

Do your qualifications match your abilities? Are their formal courses that you can take to demonstrate your skillset? Do you feel that your resume represents you and what you are capable of? Identify gaps and do what you can to fill them. 

Know what you are owed

A remarkable number of people will approach a recruitment agency in a situation where they hadn’t expected a layoff, and just assumed that they had a right to more pay or at least more time to figure out what comes next.

If you are unsure what you are entitled to, have a look at your original employment contract as well as any subsequent policies signed off by HR to determine what you are owed in terms of notice, accrued annual leave, bonuses, and possible redundancy pay. 


If you are not happy with the severance package that has been offered to you at the time of layoff, don’t just accept it and move on.

The lay off may be a shock, but it is important that you take time to process the information before looking at the small print, rather than accepting everything at the time. 


Any kind of conflict, altercation or rejection from work is enough to knock the confidence of employees at all levels. Remember what you are worth and don’t let one setback define your ability to perform well within your industry.

There will be other organizations that will welcome you with open arms and value as the talented asset that you are. Don’t be tempted to hide away. Reach out to colleagues and contacts to see what opportunities are available. 


A rainy day fund is a great back up, whether you end up using it to cover the costs of car repairs, a new boiler, a family crisis or a layoff.

A good rule of thumb is to keep enough in savings to cover 3-6 months’ wages; enough to give you breathing space if you need it.

Don’t be hasty

There may be a temptation to reach for the job ads and apply for everything that might be a vague fit for you.

If you need money now, then you may have to compromise on some things. Interim roles can help you to get income quickly without the long term commitment of permanent employment.

If you are not looking for a temporary role, it will pay to take a step back and breath, giving yourself time to make informed, considered choices. 

Treat it as an opportunity

Maybe there were days (or weeks) that you hated your job. Maybe you loved it. But whatever you felt, there were probably things that you would have changed if you could.

This is your opportunity to look at different career paths or better opportunities; to follow your heart.

Being laid off can be a shock and can appear catastrophic at first, but opportunities may present themselves to you that you would not have noticed, or would have been too cautious to investigate, prior to your layoff.

If you have some savings, look out for internships and work experience opportunities. With evermore tech opportunities arising, there may be new paths available to you that you haven’t considered before. 

Check out specialist recruiters

Globally, industries are being challenged with a range of factors, from pandemics to fuel crises and soaring inflation.

This is inevitably having a knock-on effect on industries and some organizations who thought they were immune to financial crisis points are being forced to make layoffs.

At the same time, though, other industries are booming, and jobs are becoming available as quickly as teams are being laid off. By registering with recruitment specialists, you will get a good idea of what your resume is worth, and the opportunities that are out there for you.

They will also know what opportunities are on the horizon and be able to guide you towards entry level tech jobs that offer you secure employment and the salary you need as you approach the next exciting opportunity in your career.